The Queensland Museum – not just for nerds

Okay Explore readers, confession time – I’m sort of a nerd. Not a computer, techy kind of nerd; but a history, literature kind of nerd. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve been to the Queensland Museum in Brisbane more than a couple of times over the years, therefore I have decided to take it upon myself to use this post in order to convince you, nerd or not, to pay a visit when you’re in the city area.

Elizabeth standing next to prehistoric bones at the Queensland Museum

Makes you feel pretty small right?

I know that for me, the museum provides a sense of perspective – both as a person living in Brisbane in the 21st century and as a human in general. The ‘Discover Queensland’ exhibit provides a background to the history of the state, showcasing some amazing Queensland inventions and teaching people about some of the people who have helped to make Queensland great. Then there are exhibits such as the ‘Lost Creatures’ display which illustrates some of the prehistoric creatures that have previously called this planet home, the sheer size and power of these animals who lived millions of years ago is truly astounding.

Every time I visit the museum I find myself in awe at the amazing capacity of our human ancestors to create artefacts and innovations even without the advanced technologies we have today. The Queensland Museum provides a glimpse at the lives of these ancient peoples, from historic tools such as pickaxes and trowels used to work the land, to beautifully handcrafted pottery and ancient Egyptian amulets and evidence of mummification at work, the museum shows that humans are capable of pretty amazing feats.

The museum also does an amazing job of showcasing the bravery of our men and women during times of strife, with relics and stories from conflicts including a moving exhibit demonstrating a Victoria Cross recipient’s first-hand account of World War I through original letters and photographs.

On a lighter note, the museum is also an exceptional place to pick up some probably useless but truly interesting facts: For example, did you know that the largest dinosaurs ever found in Australia were discovered in Queensland? Or that only three people have travelled to the deepest point of the ocean? After a visit to the museum you will be able to dazzle your friends with a whole host of interesting facts.

As well as providing information about the people and creatures of the past, the museum is just as valuable for educating people about the flora and fauna of the present and the need for conservation and environmental awareness in the present. Get up close to live snakes and lizards, learn about exotic animals through the huge range of specimens on display and come to appreciate the huge impact humans have on the environment and the animals that live there in exhibits such as the ‘Coral Coast’ where patrons are educated about Queensland’s decreasing turtle population and the threats to their safety both as hatchlings and adults.

Green tree snake

A trip to the Queensland Museum is such an insightful experience, whether you have an interest in animals, the environment, archaeology or the human experience, I definitely recommend a visit.

Have you visited the Queensland Museum? Let me know – what were your favourite exhibits? Did you learn any amazing facts?

– Elizabeth


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