Three things you didn’t know you could do on the Gold Coast

Cat at the Crazy Cat Cafe

If you think you’ve done everything the Gold Coast has to offer (and a tad more), think again! Not too far away from the usual pubs, bars, clubs, cinemas and shopping malls are a few hidden gems, and chances are you haven’t explored at least some of them yet.

I present to you my personal top 3 things you likely didn’t know you could do on the Gold Coast. Try these and you won’t be disappointed.

Pat the kitties

Cat cafés have been a worldwide craze for a while now, but until recently Australia didn’t have much to offer in this space. Fortunately, those dark times are long gone!

Gold Coast’s first ever cat café called Crazy Cat is situated in the very heart of Surfers Paradise, which means you can easily get there by public transport (a sneaky lunch break between classes, anyone?). For a small fee, you can spend an entire hour in this cat paradise, interacting with placid, friendly cats. The variety of furry friends available for pats is unbeatable – from big, fluffy cats to tiny curious kittens.

The café also offers a range of locally produced snacks, coffees and teas. I personally approve of the giant butterscotch muffin!

Address: 63 Centre Arcade, 3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Visit the Crazy Cat Cafe website for more info.

Meet the holograms

If you’re frequenting the Australia Fair shopping centre, it’s well worth it to take a little detour and visit Holoverse, which is only a 5 minute walk away.

Holoverse is a family-friendly innovative “hologram entertainment centre”, which gives every visitor, young and old, the experience of an exciting interactive virtual reality world made of – you guessed it – holograms. You pick your adventure (ranging from arcade games to more relaxing visual experiences), put on some lightweight high-tech gear, and get taken to a personal hologram room where it all begins!

All scenarios are different, with some taking you through ancient civilizations, others – simulating flying high above the mountains, and the arcade ones making you fight evil monsters and score points. Holoverse is not without its limitations, but it’s actually surprisingly immersive and quite realistic overall. I even dare to say that this experience is better than Virtual Reality headsets.

The repertoire changes from time to time, so if you like your first visit, make sure to check the Holoverse website to see if they have something new in store.

Address: 59 Nerang St, Southport, QLD 4215
Visit the Holoverse website for more info.

Run away and join the circus

Unlike the previous two locations, this one is a well-hidden gem in Nerang – you’ll probably have to drive here.

The trip will be worth your while – at Circus Arts Australia you can safely have a go on a flying trapeze! Fear not, it’s totally safe, as you’ll be harnessed and directed by the experienced coaches at all times. But what if you fall? You won’t! And even if you somehow manage to, a giant bouncy net will catch you, so no damage caused.

Have fun and maybe even learn a trick or two, no matter what your fitness level is.

Address: 7027 Southport Nerang Rd, Nerang, QLD 4211
Visit the Circus Arts website for more info.


– Liz


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