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Tips for earning money in your free time

It is difficult being a university student sometimes, with the pressures of university assignments and social commitments. There is always a delicate balance between working hard on university tasks and taking time out for yourself. So while you’re relaxing in your free time, why not earn some pocket money?  All you need is some spare time, a creative streak, an academic area of expertise, a love for shopping or old possessions you’d rather sell.

1. Be a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is an amazing opportunity to earn money casually. A mystery shopper is someone who poses as a customer and as they are shopping at a particular store or restaurant, gathers information on that store. You then submit a report to the mystery shopping company, answering questions about the services you received while at the business, and the company then submits this report to the business. Shoppers are paid for each individual job they complete; that is, each business they evaluate. You can choose where your assignments are and when, and you can stop at any time. This is a great job for those who would like or need a lot of flexibility, however, being confidant in writing in English will make answering the questions for the business a bit easier. For more information, check out Retail Mystery Shoppers Australia

2. Make and sell your artistic pieces on Etsy

If you have a creative streak and love making pieces of arts or crafts, this option is for you. Etsy allows you to essentially have your own store online to sell your creative pieces. Examples of popular items are hair clips, hand-made costumes, clothing, artwork, and accessories. You get to control how many orders you take, how much you charge and most importantly, what it is you make. This is a great way to turn something you enjoy doing into a way to earn money.

3. Sell your old books or clothes

If you are short on time or feel the need to de-clutter your room, selling your old items can be a great money-making option. The first step is to sort out what you’d like to keep, and what you’d like to sell. Next would be making sure all the items are in good condition (books aren’t too bent or stained, and clothes are still wearable), and then you are ready to take photos of your items. Websites like Ebay and Gumtree are popular for all kinds of objects. If you’re looking for something to access on the go, the Carousell app allows you to quickly take pictures on your phone of items you’d like to sell, and then advertise them directly onto the app.

4. Tutor other students

Helping others can be a rewarding experience, and tutoring is no exception. By registering with Griffith University’s tutor database, students from all levels (primary, secondary and undergraduate) can request your services. This option is great if you love helping others, and have academic skills in areas that others may need help in, such as English or Maths. By signing up to other websites that create databases of tutors, you can broaden your options and outreach to a larger number of students.

Making money doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment. By utilising the spare time you do have from your studies in these ways, there is the option to earn some extra money while at university. Good luck!

– Samantha

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