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Top 5 Australian gifts to take home

As an International student living in Australia, I know that when it comes the time to return to your hometown (for holidays or forever) you will want to take some gifts your family, friends and relatives. In Australia you can find a multitude of appealing traditional and not-so-traditional gifts for all ranges of people, so is easy to get confused about what to buy and you may end up asking yourself: what should I take back home?.  Here is a list of the possible gifts I personally think you can take home that everyone will love ??

So first things first, if you are going back home you want to take something that represents Australia.  Here is a list of items you should not miss when buying your gifts:

1. UGG apparel

An Australian brand that is well known for its premium quality boots, made from local sheep wool that exist a lot in Australia. UGG are regarded as a necessity for winter and are becoming a fashion item in some countries. This is a perfect present as it is suitable for everyone in the family.

2. Supplements

Yes supplements, and you may be asking yourself why? Well, Australian chemists have a great range of over-the-counter supplements that you can buy to look after your health. For instance brands like Swiss and Blackmores are two of the biggest brands in Australia and their products are for all ages. Some of these brands are designed for special purposes. In some countries, like China, supplements are quite expensive and difficult to find so a present like this would be really welcome back home.

3. Pandora jewellery

This is a world-wide brand famous for its  customisable bracelets and necklaces. You can purchase it for special occasions or seasons, for example you can buy a cute Koala charm or an Aussie flag charm as a present. This could be amazing gifts for female family members or friends.

4. Tim Tams Chocolate Biscuits

These are good gifts for kids because they like sweet flavours, but really who doesn’t? It is an irresistible combination of crispy biscuit, smooth cream centre, smothered in thick Tim Tam chocolate. They’re little bites of magic! Do yourself a favour and get some extra packets for you as well.

5. Souvenirs

This one is a must. As you know, koalas and kangaroos represent unique the animals in Australia, what better a way to remember your time in Australia than by taking some souvenirs back home? This is a great present for everyone and also for yourself 😉
Overall these gifts are typical Australian products and sure to please everyone back home. I know that if someday I return to my country, I would take these for gifts to family and relatives 🙂

– Li (Monica) Mengyao


Monica Mengyao_China


– Li (Monica) Mengyao

My name is Monica, I come from Dailan – China, and my star sign is Cancer. I love baking, the sunshine and a big smile ?.



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