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Top ten ways to prepare for Trimester 2

Mid-year break is a wonderful time of the year where we travel, sit on the couch all day watching Netflix and just generally spend our time doing anything that isn’t university related. The winter break is also the perfect time to get ahead on Trimester 2 (this is university related, sorry…). At the moment it probably sounds like something you definitely don’t want to do, but if you complete these 10 simple steps before uni goes back you will be thanking yourself later.

  1. Clean out your study draw

Whether you have a study draw, cupboard or folder now is the perfect time to clean it out and prepare for next trimester. Keep anything that you think will benefit you in the future, recycle unneeded printouts and sell your textbooks. Then you get to go and buy new books and stationary to get you organised and keen for Trimester 2.


  1. Reflect on Trimester 1

Take some time to think about Trimester 1. Were you happy with how you preformed academically? Do you want to study harder next trimester or maybe join more clubs? Think about what you want to achieve next trimester and then start thinking about how you can make it happen.

  1. Ensure you are on track for graduation

Now that you have enrolled in your classes, take some time to check out your program course lists and requirements to ensure you are on the right track and working towards graduation. If you are unsure about what courses you still need to complete you can talk to your Program Convener or Student Administration.

  1. Get started on course readings

Getting ahead on work is probably the last thing on your mind – however even if you are just prepared for the first couple of weeks of readings it will help greatly in the future. Think of all that alleviated stress from being prepared. Plus, you will be able to answer questions in class and impress your tutors, which is always a bonus.

  1. Print off your course profiles

When your course profiles are released you have everything you need to get started on Trimester 2. If you don’t know already your course profiles are your life during trimester. They tell you all the information you need to know about assignments, due dates and weekly learning activities. Printing these off and having them in an easily accessible place is an extremely good idea.


  1. Familiarise yourself with assessments

Spend some time reading about the assessment pieces that you will be completing this trimester. That way you know exactly what to expect and when you should start working on them. If you have group assessments for a course it will also motivate you to get to know people in your course at the beginning of trimester so you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute for a group (we all know this can end badly).

  1. Have clear trimester goals

Know before you start the trimester where you are aiming for a 4,5,6 or 7 on each course. By having clear goals set it will help you to work towards them. If you want to be really organised, you can figure out what grade you want to strive for on each assessment piece.

  1. Start plotting dates into your diary

Once you have your course profile you can begin plotting all important dates down to ensure you are always on track. This is a fantastic use of the Student Guild Diary and Wall Planner you received in O-Week. Or if you prefer, use a custom diary or even an online calendar – whatever works best for you.


  1. Plan out your weeks

Start to think about how each week of trimester will play out. At the moment you have all the time in the world. But when trimester goes back you will need to start thinking about how to juggle study, work, friends, family, volunteering and much more. Some prior thought and planning will make the transition back to uni much easier.

  1. Actually have a break

One of the most important ways to get prepared for trimester two is to ensure that you have actually given yourself a break during the holidays. While it might seem like a good idea to work every single day to save up, or to do extra courses over the break it is also important to spend some time allowing your mind to refresh and relax. You need that relaxation time now to get you through the next 13 weeks of trimester. Trust me, you’ve earnt it.

So get out there and get prepared for Trimester2, while remembering to give yourself a much deserved break. How do you prepare for Trimester 2? Share your tips with us below.

Until next time – Hayley

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