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University life – a bucket list

Like me, many of you might be in your final year of study, so this post is a short list of things you might want to do in and around campus before you graduate.

  1. Find the perfect cup of coffee: For many students, myself included, a good cuppa is almost a necessity. Not only does it give you the motivation to get through a busy day, but taking the time to sit down and enjoy a mug of your favourite blend with a friend is the perfect way to de-stress. My pick on Nathan campus is the Café Enternet or Café Rossa.
  2. Stumble upon a shortcut: This has happened to me more than once, I’ve been wandering around lost inside a building looking for my classroom when suddenly I’ve discovered a backdoor and a path that cuts my journey through campus. I’ve discovered some great little bridges between the health and science buildings on Nathan campus!
  3. Find the perfect study space: We all work at our best in different settings – whether you prefer a little sun when you hit the books or a quiet little nook indoors, there are plenty of options to be uncovered. Try the upper floors of the library for a quiet desk complete with a power point for your electronic devices, or the tables outside The Common for some fresh air.
  4. Submit an assignment early: Just like many other students, I’ve left more than one assignment until the last minute. However, it wasn’t until I started an essay ahead of time that I realised just how much more pressure I had been putting on myself. Not only was I stressed about the essay itself, there was an extra burden to get everything written, edited and submitted properly in a limited amount of time. So, do yourself a favour, start your assignments as soon as you can and save yourself the worry!
  5. Get involved! While a qualification and ultimately a career is the main reason we attend university, the experience will be so much more worthwhile if you get involved in some extracurricular activities. I’ve had an amazing time working as a student blogger for Explore, and there are plenty of great opportunities in and around campus. Why not join Griffith Mates or one of the many sports teams or clubs or use Griffith Enrich to find an opportunity!
Cafe-Enternet specials boards

Cafe Enternet at Nathan campus.

A view of the Common from overhead bridge.

Outside The Common is a great place to study.

What’s on your uni bucket list? Tell me in the comments below!

– Elizabeth

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