Up, up and away!

Aerial view of Brisbane from Helicopter

Archerfield Airport is close to my house and I have always been interested in seeing the helicopters and small planes coming in to land when I am driving to and from uni. Sometimes, they get so close that if I stood on top of the car, I might just be able to touch them as they land… Well, I am sure you get the idea. 

This semester, when I got the chance to enjoy a helicopter ride, I took it! 

From what I have heard, and according to their website, Archerfield Airport opened in 1931 and used to be the main Brisbane airport. During WW1, it was used as a RAAF base, alongside the United States Army Air Force – Just thought I’d throw in a little local history 🙂

Archerfield Airport is a conglomeration of different flight companies, flight schools, private charter services etc. Many people also pay to use company planes/helicopters, and if you are lucky enough to own your very own helicopter, you can even keep yours there for a fee!

My helicopter flight was to be chartered by V2 helicopters. When my father and I arrived, tea and coffee were offered and the staff were very welcoming! We were able to ask many questions and sticky-beak at some of the small planes and helicopters in the hangar. There were 5 helicopters there at the time, but our pilot said it can house up to 15!

We had to wait approx. 20 minutes for the fog to ‘burn off’ before we could go up.  Whilst we were waiting, we were told we were going in a black Robinson.

Helicopter-interiorThe pilot was very nice and I got to sit in the co-pilot seat! You have to put on earmuffs and wear this microphone as the rotor is very loud so you wouldn’t be able to hear anything.

The helicopter took a while to warm up and we waited until we had the all clear to take off – as there was another helicopter over the cloud and we were waiting until it came into sight, for visibility and safety purposes.

I loved the lift as we were going up and away! I was surprised I wasn’t nervous as I am normally afraid of heights!

I was amazed when the pilot said that the helicopter can get up to 200kms/hr, but it did not feel like we were travelling at a fast speed at all. I always thought that there would be a lot of turbulence or something, but the ride was very smooth. Apparently, the smaller the helicopter, the more turbulence it gets.

The flight was only ten minutes and it went by so fast! It was so beautiful to see Brisbane in an early morning light. I didn’t take too many pictures as I wanted to enjoy the flight but I did take a few and I’ve shared some below.

I got to see the suburbs, a golf course, go past the Indooroopilly bridge and shopping centre, and glimpsed the city on the horizon. I got to see the Brisbane River and it was amazing. It looks more beautiful from above and it even looks so shallow, surprisingly. But I know that it is actually quite deep.

Either way, I wonder how much it would be to learn to fly… It was such great fun! My only regret was that it was way too short so I am definitely planning for a next time!

…If any of my friends are reading this, flights are much cheaper when you split the cost among several people >hint hint<. We could do a day trip to Moreton in style! And it’s a great way to see the scenery and beat the traffic. But I suppose I will have to save up first.

I recommend going on a chartered flight at least once from Archerfield, if you are in Brisbane! It is worth it and I guarantee you’ll be going back for more once you’ve caught the flying bug.

I know I have!

Till next time,

– Larissa


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  • Alina
    July 10, 2014 at 10:16 am

    That is a great story! I’ve never flied on helicopter, and now I’m dying to try it. Gold Coast from the sky must be awesome!

    • Avatar photo
      August 23, 2014 at 1:40 pm

      Yes, it sure would be. 🙂