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A student’s guide to the Welfare and Student Liaison Office


Talking about money, property and administration may or may not be your area of expertise but if you run into trouble in these areas, it’s nice to know there is help available. The Welfare and Student Liaison Office is one place to go for advice or help with money, housing issues or academic appeals.

This year I’ve been employed through the Welfare and Student Liaison Office as a Student Partner. One of the main things I learnt from being a partner was the variety of services that are available at Griffith. Another thing I noticed was that lots of students didn’t know about all the help that’s around.

Even if you don’t have a problem, but would like support as a carer or want to improve your ability to save money, they can help. They’re funded by the university, so it’s free (you don’t pay anything extra for using them). Also, most of their services are available to all students. Check the Welfare and Student Liaison Office website, or contact the office for more info.

Earlier this year I attended a Budgeting 101 workshop run by the Welfare and Student Liaison Office. It was really helpful in going through the expenses I might expect while studying, how to make a budget and suggestions for saving money if income doesn’t match up with my costs. Plus, as a student, I received a $50 bookshop voucher for finishing the course (there’s a few requirements to complete before getting the voucher).

Here are some other services that come under the umbrella of the Welfare and Student Liaison Office:

  • Financial hardship bursaries (it’s like a scholarship) for living and education expenses.
  • Interest-free loan for living and education expenses.
  • Textbook Exchange Service, where students sell and buy secondhand books at a discount.
  • Free household items through Freestuff@Griffith.
  • Rental and housing information and support if you’re having issues with your tenancy
  • Providing support for carers.
  • Get informed about your review and appeals if you’re not happy with a university decision, eg assessment, exclusion or appeals.

This is just one section of Student Services. If you visit their website, there’s more options than a Netflix menu; counselling and wellbeing, health and medical services, diversity and inclusion, chaplaincy. Even if they’re not relevant now, you never know when they might be.

– Elspeth

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