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What Australians do for fun

What do Australians do for fun

Australians are known around the world as being laid-back, friendly and always up for a good time. Our isolated location makes us seem exotic and almost mysterious. I’m going to enlighten you about what we do for fun in the land down-under. Strap yourself in…

…Okay, sorry to break it to you but we’re actually (arguably) pretty normal. Here’s a list of some of the things we do for fun:

Escape to the beach

With most major Australian cities located on the coast, if you want to find us on the weekends we’ll be down at the beach. We’re pretty spoilt with our beaches too; imagine squeaky white sand, ideal blue waters and enough space for a game of beach cricket (no, most Aussie beaches are not as crowded as Bondi Beach).

The Gold Coast enjoys 70 kilometres (43 miles) of coastline, which provides plenty of options for a weekend dip. Here’s a list of the best beaches on the Gold Coast.


Photo courtesy of Brooke Darling

Enjoy delicious fresh produce

On the days we’re not eating meat pies, Vegemite and Tim Tams, you may be surprised to hear that Australians are pretty fussy when it comes to food. Whether we’re opting for a restaurant meal or visiting local markets, our food is boasting with flavour from fresh local produce.

Brisbane is no exception when it comes to embracing the inner foodie. Being a multicultural city you can expect to find cuisine from anywhere in the world. Take a look at Brisbane’s best multicultural restaurants.

Malaysian cuisine

Photo courtesy of Brisbane City Council

Catch up over a BBQ

What better way to catch up with friends than over a sizzling barbecue? An Aussie BBQ can range from basic (think supermarket sausages and white sliced bread) to a gourmet spread of meats and salads. Regardless, you can expect a casual fare with plenty of laughs.

Many Aussie newcomers are often unsure what to bring to a BBQ, so if that’s you then I recommend you check out Hayley’s blog article.

Australian BBQ

Anything to do with sports

To say we are passionate about sports is an understatement. We enjoy watching sports at home with friends, out at a pub on the big screen or live in the action. Either way, we like to show our support by covering ourselves in our team’s colours. The most popular sports in Australia are Cricket, Rugby League and AFL.

A headline event on the Australian sporting calendar is the State of Origin Rugby League tri-series.

State of Origin

Photo courtesy of the National Rugby League

Have a laugh

An Aussie sense of humour could be considered an acquired taste. At first it’s a bit confusing, but you’ll get used to it and eventually love it. The thing about our humour that confuses most people is whether we’re being sarcastic or not. If in doubt, yes, we’re probably being sarcastic.

Still not sure how to interpret this complex topic? You might appreciate this beginner’s guide to Aussie humour.


How does that all sound to you? We’re a pretty fun bunch, right?! Better yet, come to Australia and witness these things first-hand.




 – Bronwyn (Guest Blogger)

Bronwyn is the Digital Marketing Officer for Griffith International. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast and is proud to showcase Australia to the rest of the world. In her spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors and travelling.

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