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What I gained from living and studying in Australia

What a year it has been!

I wouldn’t have imagined when I applied for my master’s degree at Griffith University, that I would end up attaining the highest grades in a couple of courses, participate in events at Uni, engage in co-curricular programs such as BusinessPLUS, win an award and be selected as one of the lucky students to undertake an internship in Hong Kong in Trimester 3, 2019.

Being an international student, I was really excited to venture outside Scandinavia and see where my skills and capabilities would take me. Studying so far away from home created challenges such as homesickness, trying to find accommodation, making new friends, and familiarising myself with the city and the university. The list was just so long!

I was a bit anxious at first but at the same time quite excited to start studying again. Being a student gave me so many opportunities to meet new people. The University offers a lot of help if you want to connect with others; through Griffith Mates, Mentor program, SRC events, BusinessPLUS, to name a few. I met people from all around the world and I can now say that I’ve grown my network and gained a couple of really good friends. By travelling to Australia I’ve managed to create memorable trips and experiences, which I have listed below: 

Going to the Gold Coast and trying out surfing

I’ve always wanted to try out surfing, so during one of the mid-breaks at university I went to the Gold Coast to surf. My key takeaway from the experience is that it looks so much easier than it is. Just like with everything else in life, you need to practice in order to stand up and ride out the wave. Hands down, this was one of my favourite experiences in Australia – it was challenging and fun!

Student Representative Council – Events and Day trips

Through SRC at the Nathan campus, I was able to register for events and go on day trips. SRC offers a range of different types of events such as social and cultural events. This gave me an excellent opportunity to meet other students across different disciplines and level of degree.

SRC trip to Springbrook National Park

Travelling and exploring Australia

I was able to travel to beautiful Byron Bay, Noosa and the Whitsundays. 

Skydiving in Byron Bay


Byron Bay, Noosa and the Whitsundays


I also participated in the BusinessPLUS program through Griffith Business School. To read up on my experiences follow this link.

I feel much more confident and prepared to embark on my professional journey after graduation. I feel confident because I’ve improved my skills to stand out in the job market and workplace – all thanks to the experiences from my time at Griffith University and BusinessPLUS! 

– Jane

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