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Story Bridge

I love the summer holidays. So many fun things to do, a little paperwork, but lots of time to catch up with friends and go out and about in the city of Brisbane. I no longer feel like a hermit, weighed down by the stresses of uni…

Hello 2015!

This is my first post as a Griffith alumni!

It feels great to start a new year. These holidays I was able to get some lucky tickets for a friend and I to climb the Story Bridge.  This was a great opportunity to start to become fit and help conquer my fear of heights!

I was able to do a Twilight Deluxe Climb one Thursday night, which was a great way to see two perspectives of Brisbane city – at dusk and when it’s dark.

The staff were lovely and our tour guide was cheery. We signed our indemnity forms and underwent brief equipment and safety checks before the climb!

I was worried about my glasses and the height, especially as distance is quite hard to judge on the stairs. Thankfully it didn’t seem to trouble me as much once I was up there. You don’t have to be super fit and the climb is about 2 hours. We walked at a comfortable pace, in our group of about 12, whilst the tour guide told us of how the bridge was built.  Unfortunately, for safety reasons we couldn’t take our own cameras, but I managed to take some pictures prior to the climb and was able to buy a professional one.

I had a great time with my friend and was glad for the experience.

If you are unsure of what to do these holidays or you are graduated and have a little free time, this is a worthwhile activity to do.

Also, I would like to thank the readers who share and like these posts and hope to continue to see Explore grow in the future.

Till next time!

– Larissa

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