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    Aussie arrival tips

    Traveller's suitcase

    First of all, congratulations! You are part of the Griffith University community now, which means you are about to start your journey to Australia and open a new chapter of your life. Or, perhaps, you’re here already and opened this post to find out what should you do now…

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  • Travel

    Where life would take you

    Life after graduation… Don’t tell me you’ve never imagined where you want to be after you receive your long awaited diploma. We all do it at some late hour in the…

  • Boat on Gold Coast waters

    A tale of whale

    I remember when my Australian home-stay family came down they made a whole list of things to be done while I’m in South East Queensland. And one of the top priorities…

  • Balloon being released from box
    Language and Culture

    Life in stereotypes

    One of my friends that I met 5 years ago in Australia during my first visit recently came to visit me. I obviously missed him and was happy to meet him…

  • Sunset on the Gold Coast

    Learning to love the Gold Coast

    My new post I decided to dedicate to the Gold Coast, a place where most of us will have to spend some time regardless of loving it or hating it as…