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    How to get your first job in Australia – even before graduating

    Disclaimer: This worked for me, but it might be different to you, so please read it with this in mind! 😊

    So, you have just started your first day as a university student, in a country that could be a few thousand kilometres away from where you call home.

    You would then attend your first lecture and workshop, found the contents to be difficult, yet intriguing, and are keen to get settled into this new and exciting chapter of your life.

    Suddenly, it’s Week 6 and you’re starting to hear that your peers have started applying for and getting their first jobs, whether it be a part-time retail job or an internship that will further develop their professional development. You begin to wonder how your peers did it – possibly feeling slightly annoyed, panicking and typing in “the latest resume template” on Google, updating your LinkedIn profile, and applying for every job that matches your previous experience that you can find. Weeks goes by, you haven’t heard back from your applied jobs, and trust me, I know that exact feeling.

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    Jump Start Your Career With Credentials

    All Griffith University students have access to a collection of micro-credentials which can be awarded during their studies, for activities such as completing short courses, receiving awards and completing extra-curricular programs. …