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    The ultimate guide to student accommodation

    Anh on the beach waving to cameraHi there! Moving to a new country for university is an exciting and life-changing experience. As you prepare for your journey to Australia, there’s a lot to consider – but one of the most important tasks to add to your to-do list is finding suitable accommodation. 

     The process of organising housing before you arrive can seem daunting, but some well-timed planning can make it much easier to navigate. To support you with the process, we’ve put together some practical tips and expert advice for securing accommodation as an international student in Australia. When it comes to the essential steps and considerations that will make your accommodation search a breeze, we’ve got you! 

    We can’t stress this enough – please book accommodation before arriving in Australia, even if it’s a short-term solution while you look for a more permanent place to call home. In saying that, it always helps to know what your options are before you get started.  

    “No matter what trimester you’re coming to study in, the rental market is reflective of trends, especially since the lifting of Australia’s COVID border restrictions. I arrived a little over one month before my orientation start date, and it took some time to find a rental property.” – Sarah

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