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    Arrive, participate, volunteer, lead and… retreat!

    Photo collage of students completing Leap of Faith activity where they jump from a small platform up a tree and reach for a hanging marker while wearing full safety harness.

    So yeah… I went on a good adventure last February.  It was the yearly ‘retreat’ held by Griffith Mates for their golden hearted volunteers – the Mates. I am one of the Mates, the roundest one. I have been a Griffith Mate for more than a year now, which is long enough to make tons of fun memories and gain many valuable leadership skills. Joining the Mates is, perhaps, one of the best things that happened in my university life. I doubt you’d love to know what I thought about the retreat, but I’ll tell you anyway because I feel like it (ha ha). The featured photo might suggest that the retreat was a not-so-friendly-to-selfies-adrenalin-pumping event, but there’s more to it really. Road trip! This year’s retreat was a two day event for the newly recruited Mates, plus the veterans (yep, that’s me), to get to know each other and to get briefed on how awesome it is to be one. 

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