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    Study Abroad and Exchange Travel

    Seeking worlds within Worlds: My study abroad experience

    Economics. It wasn’t my best subject but considering that I hadn’t touched mathematics in a while, I was pretty happy with my results. At the time it was my second year at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus. I had moved down from Cairns and became familiar with juggling full-time study and working five days a week. I could finally understand what they meant about late night cramming and group assignments. Oh the joy! That aside, I found a routine. I didn’t have too much of a social life; for the most part I kept to myself in lectures and tutorials. It was about halfway through trimester one when my economics teacher started talking about how his son was heading on exchange. He said, “I don’t understand why people don’t take up this opportunity”. To this day I can’t remember what relevance that had on supply and demand, but he was the reason why I looked into studying abroad. His statement took me all the way to the bustling streets of Hong Kong and to the crystal-clear fjords in Norway.

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