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    Preparing for the trip back home

    Suitcase overflowing with luggage

    As all your courses begin talking about final assessments, you’ll begin preparing for how you’re going to spend the last weeks of your study abroad. It may be filled with travel and goodbyes, but are you preparing for the most important thing of all? Are you really prepared to go back home?

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  • Tour Gold Coast Glow Worm Certificate

    The tourists have taken the forest

    So, if you saw my previous blog about the Hinterlands, then you know that the Hinterlands are a big playground for nature buffs and city lovers alike. There is an endless…

  • Koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Showing off Australia

    There is one quick way to see how much someone has learned about a place and culture and that is to let them show it off to you! That is exactly…

  • Stream in Lamington National Park

    The Hinterlands are a must-see

    Whether you’re avid about the outdoors or it takes a lot to convince you to get outside, you should visit the Hinterlands of Australia. There are activities for people of all…