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    In the realm of “university-time”

    Being a university student sometimes feels like I’m floating in the midst of a realm surrounded by all my dreams and ambitions; each one alive and calling out to me. But there’s a force that keeps me yearning, never to reach them. It’s week 5 of the trimester, with seven assignments due and 50-page articles to read, and I sit there in front of a computer screen contemplating my existence.

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    Can you control your karma?

    I was reading a book the other day on the Buddhist guide to self-development and finding happiness. Although the first 62 pages I read were eye opening and possibly life changing, pages 63…

  • Wide open road

    10 steps to inner peace and happiness

    In today’s age, we are creatures constantly on the go. We spend week after week at work, or at school, paying bills, checking emails, having meetings, and counting down to that…