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Hi there! My name is Ditha. People who do not know me will think I am ignorant and unbothered about many things. But hey! I do not have to know and react to everything, right?

When it comes to my passion, it is a different story. To begin with, I love cleaning my room. I can spend hours and hours organising things then re-organise it the next day, just because I want to have a new ambience. I love reading a good book with a cup of tea in the morning or dancing while listening to music.

I can eat the same thing every day, but I do not touch the food for the next couple of months when I get sick of it.

I believe that doing something I love not only bring me joy but also give me a motivation to get up in the morning 🙂

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Ciao everyone! I'm Fran, from Italy! I'm 26 years old and I have been living in the Gold Coast for almost 2 years.
I have just started my PhD journey at Griffith University.

I deeply believe in motivation, positive thoughts, and the law of attraction. I am a great cooker and I love taking care of my soul and my body with lots of fitness and healthy options and sometimes some delicious carbs 😉
I moved here with my partner, best half, and best friend, Matteo and together we have opened an Instagram page, where we share our routine, passions, and our Australian adventure! I'd like to share them with you as well now!

Hope to get a smile out of you, read me and follow me 💕

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I'm Gabriela Monteiro, a young Brazilian entrepreneur, married to a Kyrgyz, mother of a two-year old boy and current postgraduate student of Information Technology at Griffith University. Travelling and studying are my passions and nothing makes me happier than matching both. Before Australia I have studied in South Africa, Spain and Germany and these are by far my best memories. I hope I can contribute to the Explore Blog with fun and inspiring stories. Enjoy!

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Hey guys. My name is Harini Viddisha, doing Masters of Information Systems and Information Technology Management. I am basically from India. I write and talk a lot. I love to express my experiences to my fellow mates and my companions. I am passionate on writing about my adventures, as I love to explore new things be it places, games and food. I am unique in trying out things. I have improved so many skills by volunteering in events being a Griffith Mate, and outside of university I have rendered many voluntary services and in turn I have improved my knowledge and have also been recognised for my performance and was granted a part time position. I love to travel to new places and find new hidden spots. My love for nature and sports is unconditional. I play football, badminton, tennis, chess and carrom. I read a lot of books. You will not only see the different aspects of my life but will also feel the difference in your life after reading my blogs.

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Hi! I'm Holly, and I'm currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Communication where I am majoring in Journalism and Screen Studies. My biggest passion is film, and I currently write reviews for a digital film publication. Studying at Griffith has given me the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of studying online, and the wide range of subjects on offer have allowed me to explore many of my interests and develop personally and professionally.

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My name is Hisham Lotfa Mohamed El Taier! I am 21 years old and currently studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), am in my fourth year (last year) and I am looking to be employed through the Defence industry right after I graduate. My hobbies are playing chess in my free time, volunteering through the Australian Army Cadets as I am passionate in giving back to the community as I have lived on the Gold Coast for most of my life.

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Hi there! My name is Hayley, a Master of Global Development student and freelancer. An avid writer, I enjoy researching and discussing all things society, youth and environment focused. I am is also a serial volunteer who feels most comfortable when working on multiple projects with different organisations. In my down time I love journaling, cooking, watching films, cuddling my dogs and taking them to the dog park.

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Hello! My name is Haley and I come from a tiny town in South Australia. I spent my life on my family farm exploring nature, walking with the dogs and writing in the silence of the outback.
I moved to Queensland after spending some time working in Adelaide and travelling the world. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Sociology at Griffith and absolutely love it!

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Hi I am Jen, I am an international PhD student in the department of Allied Health Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics. My research focuses on eating disorders and athlete health and performance. I am originally from the UK and made the big move in February 2020, leaving the UK winter behind me and swapping life for year round sunshine.

As well as being a PhD candidate I am a passionate eating disorder and mental health campaigner who aims to inspire and provide hope to individuals who may be suffering. I am also a yoga teacher who can often be found in the park or on the beach practicing. In my spare time I love ocean swimming, going to the gym, long beach walks, meeting up with friends and of course writing blog posts.

I am loving my new adventure in Australia, and hopefully at the end of my studies I can stay here, as I very much feel like the Gold Coast is where I want to call home.

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Jake McGaffin

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Hi! The name is Jake McGaffin although many people call me Gaff. I got this nickname through my work with the Royal Australian Airforce. For the last nine years I have worked as an Avionic Technician on both FA18 Hornet and the C17A Globemaster aircraft. My passion for aviation has lead me to undertake part time study in Aviation Management through Griffith. Currently located in Ipswich QLD my whole degree is undertaken online. When I'm not studying or working you will find me in nature tackling hiking trails and summiting mountains both locally and abroad. Environment and nature are my strongest passion so I look forward to moving into that sector in the future. Either as a intrepid adventurer or conservation project manager.

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Studying a double degree of business and digital media, in 2018 Janine travelled to Hong Kong in her second year and studied one trimester at City University of Hong Kong for her management subjects, and then travelled to Norway for her second trimester and studied at Høgskulen i Volda for her digital media subjects. On her return, she now encourages other students to study abroad through GGGC (Go Global Gold Coast student group), student events such as O Week, and Griffith Global Mobility seminars.

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Josie Wiesinger

Hi! I'm Josie and I love life! I'm passionate about coffee, education, travel, photography, hummus, and going wherever the wind takes me. I grew up in Canada, dreaming of the day I would escape the winter cold of -30. One random day in 2015, I bought a plane ticket, packed my bags, and moved to the beach! Since then, I've been studying a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University, meeting beautiful people, travelling all over the world, and making coffee in between to pay the bills. If you’d like to keep up with my Griffith University experience, follow me @josieadelejones on Instagram!

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Hi! I am Kanishka and I am currently studying a Masters of Arts in Visual Arts at QCA! I am a travel photographer and an abstract artist who fell in love at first sight with Brisbane. I love coffee, reading and creating art. I love meeting new people and eating pizza too!
My photography handle is @iseeyoufeel on instagram which you can follow to see more of Brisbane.
Hope to see you around!
All my love to you!

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I am Kavya Santhosh, postgraduate Electronics and Energy Engineering student at Griffith University. An ambitious engineer with a burning passion to write would best describe me. Writing, for me has been a form of happiness and a place where I can express myself with no restrictions. You can follow my stories and enjoy yourself in the worldly pleasure of creativity.
You can also follow my blog : or add me on LinkedIn:

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My name is Kajol Yadav and I am from beautiful country India. I am studying a Masters of Engineering Project Management at Griffith University, online. I have completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from India. I love to explore new places and new food. My love for food inspired me to start my IG page as a food blogger. I chose Australia and especially the Gold Coast for my Masters as it has a lot to offer for students - from careers to different activities. I'm looking forward to be in Australia soon, and exploring as much as possible.

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Hey! I’m Lucy and I’m in my fourth and final year at Griffith studying a double degree of forensic science, criminology and criminal justice. I was born and raised in Australia but have always had a passion for travel. I am a major coffee addict who loves to talk and is always up for every opportunity that is thrown at me. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and adventures with you!

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Hi all, my name is Lucy and for the past 6 years I have been travelling abroad studying and working within the world of polo in various countries. I have met and mixed with high profile polo players, patrons and many influential people within the world of polo.

Up until recently I have been studying a Bachelor of Communications in various different countries via correspondence so I can mix my two great loves of writing and polo together. An adventurer at heart I will be continuing to study from a distance so I can travel and gain the life experience needed to grow as a writer and hopefully one day work in a world where my writing is read by many and inspires others to follow in my footsteps around the globe.

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My name is Nikolina Bojanic and I am a 20-year-old university student, studying a Bachelor of Communication/Journalism. I am passionate about expressing myself and communicating with others so I feel as though this degree is perfect for me.
I am also fond of photography and have my own website dedicated to it, where I post blogs. The link is if you are interested.
On Explore, I hope to continue sharing my love for photography as well as volunteering, food, travel, reading and the great outdoors among other things.

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I’m Nicholas, a 30-year-old Australian student studying online from abroad. I am a huge philosophy, sailing and diving nerd. I spend most of my time on or in the water and could not comprehend being away from a coastline. I am looking forward to sharing with you some of my adventures, experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned as I contribute to the Explore blog.

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Hi everyone, I’m Nikol and I’m an international student here at Griffith, studying a Bachelor of Science with a Marine Biology Major. I’m originally from Czech Republic which is right in the middle of Europe, so you can imagine that studying Marine Biology there is just not possible. So, 3 years ago I moved to Australia and it was the best decision I ever made. I can’t wait to share my story with you. Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@fromtwoworlds) and see what it is like to study in Australia.

If you have any questions about studying at Griffith, feel free to message me here:

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"We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless" - Rumi
Hi there! I'm Pri and I'm a South African undergrad student in the BioMed program at Nathan campus. You can most likely find me staring in amazement at trees, drinking scary amounts of coffee or making music in odd places.
We're all dancing to our own beat but I hope you find something to hum along to in my stories.

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My name is Pram, and I come from Indonesia.
I'm studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science in Mt. Gravatt Campus.
My hobbies include playing badminton and volleyball, reading books, and watching Netflix.

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Rowan Harrip

Hi All! My name is Rowan Harrip and I am currently in second year of university studying a double degree Bachelor of Journalism with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Sport Management and minors in Public Relations and Event Management. I am a ‘mature aged student’ for sake of the word at the ripe age of 30 😛 I have a past life in corporate sales and customer service but not being one to grow stale decided a new path was what was needed! I love the university community and the opportunities it provides through events and AMAZING individuals! I love tea, dogs, horses, trivia, writing in my spare time, music and creating new and valuable experiences and memories! My passions are sport based – being an avid fan of many codes and on graduating I want to pursue a career in sport journalism or media of some form.

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My name is Rosie, I am 31 years of age, hailing from the small Pacific Island of Kiribati. I am a blessed Mom with two beautiful darlings. I am currently doing a four year dual degree of Bachelor of International Tourism and Hospitality Management & Bachelor of Business Management – I am now in my third year. Every year DFAT offers Australia Awards Scholarship opportunities to neighbouring Pacific Islands. In 2018, after numerous screening measures and tests, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a recipient of a scholarship award to study here in Australia.

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Hi! I’m Shirley from China and have lived on the Gold Coast for more than 10 years. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Dental Health Science at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus. I love the beach and nature of the Gold Coast city. Griffith University has created a lovely and friendly environment for me to settle in and study. 😊 🌠🎇🌌 I’m fluent in 3 languages, English, Mandarin and Japanese.

You can chat to Shirley by visiting:

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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, I am originally from Canada but studying finance here at Griffith. I enjoy reading, studying at cute cafes, and spending time with my grandmother. I am a big traveller, and recently checked off visiting all continents! I love everything positivity, motivation, organization, and balance. I also have a dried flower business @cloverdaleflorals on IG!

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"They said; give it up for your host with the most…and I pulled up!"

Hey everyone! My name is Sheila and I'm currently studying for my Bachelor's in Nursing at the Gold Coast campus. I'm a proud Kenyan treading in the streets of Brisbane, which has essentially become my second home. I enjoy reading, writing, making new friends, podcasting, and a whole lot that you'll get to find out through my writing. Did I mention, I'm also the world's biggest chatty Cathy? It goes without saying; the idea of being able to relate with my peers on a much deeper level through meaningful conversations tickles my fancy. So much so, I started my very own podcast in 2020. For more of my 2cents, be sure to check out my website @

Hope you enjoy my pieces here on explore!

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I am an international student from India pursuing my master’s in Architecture. I am all about aesthetics, design, and organization. I love to explore places and assess them through the lens of an Architect. I am also a Student Ambassador for Griffith University, a Student Advisory Board member for Study Gold coast, and a part of various student bodies on campus. (You can chat with me through this link: )
Join me as I embark on this journey as a blogger to share my experiences on the Gold coast and give a glimpse of my student life.

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I’m a 21 year-old, second year Vietnamese international student at Griffith University, studying the Bachelor of Creative and Interactive Media. I developed a professional working mindset at a young age, particularly tutoring languages across a wide range of demographics in Vietnam, serving as a waiter at a local coffee shop, and helping my parents with certain aspects of their businesses. I’ve always been keen to help my community to grow within my capacity.
Aside from working, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of robotics, specifically the programming and aesthetic aspects. I would often find myself at a young age attempting to disassemble and reassemble robots and interactive toys, as I wanted to understand the components and mechanics of how they would fit together and were designed. Instinctively, combining my passion to serve my communities, to understand the complex world of programming and the dynamic of design contributed to my decision to study the degree and to grow with my communities.
Outside of my academics and professional development, you will most likely find me drinking boba tea (as I’m a boba tea connoisseur), I’m also an avid Civilization 5 and Kerbal Space Program addict, and I also love catching up on some much-needed sleep.

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About me, I am a young (not even) – dumb (for sure) – broke (no doubt) law school “kid”, who's scared of adulthood as it sucks to grow up. However, I have gone through some interesting things, which I think you may want to know. So I blog to tell you my “discovery” and hope you enjoy.

Now seriously, my name is Uyen and I come from Viet Nam. I studied a Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice. It was interesting to learn about what criminals think and why they do things they do. Currently, I’m studying Bachelor of Laws and enjoy it so far. I’m on my way to enhance my English skills and Master of Law School skills (struggling) as I wish to be a solicitor. Also, I try to visit a new place every week because, after 3 years in Australia, I did not know many places in Queensland. Hence, I read Explore blog posts for travel ideas.

How about you? How is your study at Griffith? I hope you can make the most out of the blogs and I'm more than happy to connect. Find me on LinkedIn or Instagram @uyenluongtrannguyen.

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Hey there! I am Vineetha Ranga, a Master of Business student who believes in the magic of serendipity. I am an amateur photographer and daydreamer who loves to cafe hop!

My experience in Australia and at Griffith so far has been
ah-mazing! I have made many friends from different countries and getting to know different cultures is lovely.
I aspire to become a "Businesswoman"!
Follow me on Instagram @vineetharanga

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"Love her, but leave her wild."

One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to move far away. So I did. Some might call it impulsive. However, I call it 'the best decision of my life'.

I am a lot of things: A current student doing a Bachelor of Communication and Journalism. A traveller. An expert at dark humour, especially involving my bad luck. A writer. A passionate person. Amongst many things....

Want to get to know me better? Feel free to add me on LinkedIn ( or read my blog posts (

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