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A postgrad student, dreamer and a fellow explorer! I am a general dentist from India who loves travelling to new places. I'm a total movie-buff (Potterhead and a Marvel fan!). Currently pursuing an International Public Health degree and enjoying every bit of it. I aspire to become a successful Public Health professional one day and be a part of some real positive change in our world.

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Hi, I'm a 19-year-old international student, studying Bachelor of Information Technology at the Nathan campus. I'm originally from India, but I've stayed in Bahrain (Middle East) until my high school graduation.

Currently, I enjoy web designing, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. My career goals have always been simple: Create something of my own that makes others happy. For this, I'm working on a cafe idea that I could turn into a potential business.

Apart from career and education, I've always loved writing, dance and arts, and volunteering. They've shaped a huge part of my personality. Volunteering, especially, has allowed me to meet people from different walks of life and that helped me grow as a person.

So, what to expect from my posts? Light-hearted topics that feel like personal conversations.
I hope you enjoy them.
I hope you're inspired by them.
I hope you smile at the end of them... 🙂

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"Find though she be but little, she is fierce" A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 3, Scene 2

Amy. A simple, easy, uncomplicated name... not always a simple, easy, uncomplicated person. Being a little odd, a little eccentric, many people say I have a soul from the 70s. I'm not sure about many things in my life, but what I am sure of is who I am, and that that person lives in the world of words.

Studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Griffith University, Gold Coast, I hope to one day work in a world where my writing is read and my words enjoyed.

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My web link:

Hi, I’m Aiden Jabur and am in my final year of the Bachelor of Medical Science at Nathan campus. Reading and writing are passions of mine, and I hope you can take something out of my works. Ever the dreamer, I aspire to effect change in the surgical sphere on a global scale.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or just want to get to know me better, please don’t be afraid to swing me a message on Facebook or add me on LinkedIn:

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Hi, my name is Alex, I’m from Venezuela and I study Civil Engineering at the Gold Coast campus. My hobbies include hikes, travels, photography, good music, food and creating unforgettable memories!

I’m eager to show you the plans, events and places that I enjoy around Australia, specifically on the Gold Coast. I truly hope you find my posts fun and useful when looking for activities around the Coast.

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Ana Maria is a PhD candidate in the School of Medical Sciences in Griffith University, who spends most of her time figuring out how to cure HPV derived cancers. She came all the way from Ecuador with no more expectations than learn everything about the experience of living abroad all by herself. In her free time, she travels all over, meeting new people, trying new food, dancing bachata and salsa, and experimenting with cancer cells.
She is excited to show you every discovery she makes while living in Australia and its surroundings. If you would like to know more about her travels, follow her on Instagram @anita9886.

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Andre is a Study Abroad student from Germany.

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"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Yeah that was pretty deep.. But that quote always gets me inspired to do new things. I've only recently grown fond of reading and writing so that's why I thought Explore would be a great start to document some of my experiences and share them with you all! My name is Ashleigh or 애슐리 in Korean. Majoring in Korean, I study a Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics. Where can that take me? Anywhere. I try not to plan too far ahead in the future as I'm a firm believer in perusing current interests and at the moment that is the Korean language and Korean culture. Yeah, that might change one day but I'm enjoying it now. Isn't that the important thing? There is a mountain of different things that interest me (from travel to more recently staying in with a group of friends and playing D&D!) so there's always something to talk about and plenty of stories to share.

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I am currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism with Public Relations and International Relations as minors to keep my options open. I grew up here in Brisbane but aspire to work internationally. I love travelling and travel photography and do so seasonally in between trimesters. I also enjoy reading, re-watching TV series, baking and eating vegan food; all done on minimal sleep with a LOT of coffee. Join me as I write a bit about my passions and interests surrounding travel, food and student life.

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My name is Chloe. I am a 19-year-old international student studying communications and tourism. I was born and raised in New Caledonia. In case you don’t know where it is, New Caledonia is a very small French island just two hours by plane from Australia. I arrived on the Gold Coast in February 2018. My experience at Griffith so far has been amazing. I have met new people and opened up to the world even more. I wouldn’t have been able to do everything I’ve achieved so far here in Australia back in my country, so it is heaven on Earth for me to have the opportunity to study here at Griffith. One of my dreams after I graduate is to work in an airport as a ground staff or for the amazing Emirates Airline.

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Hi, everyone! I’m Chin and you can call me ‘Will’ as well. I’m a 23 year-old Public Relations and Communication Graduate from Griffith. I studies event management as my minor as well. I currently study Master of Social Work in other university in Australia.

I love traveling, cooking, eating, dancing, taking photos and listening to music. That’s why Australia has become my ideal place for me to study and live! AND, I am happy to share my experiences with Uni life, travel and culture to all of you.

I hope all new students, the new comers, can find some useful and interesting information from here since I am fully understand that It is so different to settle down all the stuffs by yourself when you first come to a new place. I also hope Aussie students and international students will understand each other more through reading my sharing.

I also love to hear your stories! So don’t be shy and feel free to chat with me!

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I am an Arts student who likes learning a bit of everything.

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Hi, my name is Georgi and I’m currently pursuing a Masters of Marketing Advanced degree at Griffith University.

Travelling is one of my biggest passions which is also the reason why I decided to move to Australia.

I am also interested in photography and I practice several extreme sports such as snowboarding and surfing.

To me being a blogger is about having fun and sharing my story with others which is why I plan on writing mainly about my experiences and passions. If you’d like to learn more about me or my journey in Australia, then you could simply follow my personal account @g_markovski on Instagram.

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I'm Gabriela Monteiro, a young Brazilian entrepreneur, married to a Kyrgyz, mother of a two-year old boy and current postgraduate student of Information Technology at Griffith University. Travelling and studying are my passions and nothing makes me happier than matching both. Before Australia I have studied in South Africa, Spain and Germany and these are by far my best memories. I hope I can contribute to the Explore Blog with fun and inspiring stories. Enjoy!

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Hey guys. My name is Harini Viddisha, doing Masters of Information Systems and Information Technology Management. I am basically from India. I write and talk a lot. I love to express my experiences to my fellow mates and my companions. I am passionate on writing about my adventures, as I love to explore new things be it places, games and food. I am unique in trying out things. I have improved so many skills by volunteering in events being a Griffith Mate, and outside of university I have rendered many voluntary services and in turn I have improved my knowledge and have also been recognised for my performance and was granted a part time position. I love to travel to new places and find new hidden spots. My love for nature and sports is unconditional. I play football, badminton, tennis, chess and carrom. I read a lot of books. You will not only see the different aspects of my life but will also feel the difference in your life after reading my blogs.

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Hi! I'm Holly, and I'm currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Communication where I am majoring in Journalism and Screen Studies. My biggest passion is film, and I currently write reviews for a digital film publication. Studying at Griffith has given me the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of studying online, and the wide range of subjects on offer have allowed me to explore many of my interests and develop personally and professionally.

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My web link:

Hi there! My name is Hayley, a Master of Global Development student and freelancer. An avid writer, I enjoy researching and discussing all things society, youth and environment focused. I am is also a serial volunteer who feels most comfortable when working on multiple projects with different organisations. In my down time I love journaling, cooking, watching films, cuddling my dogs and taking them to the dog park.

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My web link:

Hello! My name is Haley and I come from a tiny town in South Australia. I spent my life on my family farm exploring nature, walking with the dogs and writing in the silence of the outback.
I moved to Queensland after spending some time working in Adelaide and travelling the world. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications with a minor in Sociology at Griffith and absolutely love it!

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Hi I am Jen, I am an international PhD student in the department of Allied Health Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics. My research focuses on eating disorders and athlete health and performance. I am originally from the UK and made the big move in February 2020, leaving the UK winter behind me and swapping life for year round sunshine.

As well as being a PhD candidate I am a passionate eating disorder and mental health campaigner who aims to inspire and provide hope to individuals who may be suffering. I am also a yoga teacher who can often be found in the park or on the beach practicing. In my spare time I love ocean swimming, going to the gym, long beach walks, meeting up with friends and of course writing blog posts.

I am loving my new adventure in Australia, and hopefully at the end of my studies I can stay here, as I very much feel like the Gold Coast is where I want to call home.

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Master of Information and Communication Technology student at Griffith. Programmer by profession and passion. Love exploring restaurants, cafes, bars and beautiful places. I'm tech savvy and could probably fix any software problems in a laptop.

Anything else you'd like to know, I'll tell you if you ask 😉

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My web link:

Hi! The name is Jake McGaffin although many people call me Gaff. I got this nickname through my work with the Royal Australian Airforce. For the last nine years I have worked as an Avionic Technician on both FA18 Hornet and the C17A Globemaster aircraft. My passion for aviation has lead me to undertake part time study in Aviation Management through Griffith. Currently located in Ipswich QLD my whole degree is undertaken online. When I'm not studying or working you will find me in nature tackling hiking trails and summiting mountains both locally and abroad. Environment and nature are my strongest passion so I look forward to moving into that sector in the future. Either as a intrepid adventurer or conservation project manager.

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Studying a double degree of business and digital media, in 2018 Janine travelled to Hong Kong in her second year and studied one trimester at City University of Hong Kong for her management subjects, and then travelled to Norway for her second trimester and studied at Høgskulen i Volda for her digital media subjects. On her return, she now encourages other students to study abroad through GGGC (Go Global Gold Coast student group), student events such as O Week, and Griffith Global Mobility seminars.

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I'm Jordan, a 23 year old graduate from England. As an art graduate I write a lot, whether it's about; analysing paintings, creating fiction, experiences and culture or just having a creative explosion of thought on my trusty typewriter. Either way my ambition is to write in a vivid and informative way, that could serve as a guide to something or just as a way of telling an interesting story. I spent almost 6 months in Australia and a further 3 from a previous trip, and it is my favourite place in the world; I therefore write about many different aspects of Australia ranging from throughout all forms of its awesome culture. You can see my artwork on my Facebook page.

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Hi! I'm Josie and I love life! I'm passionate about coffee, education, travel, photography, hummus, and going wherever the wind takes me. I grew up in Canada, dreaming of the day I would escape the winter cold of -30. One random day in 2015, I bought a plane ticket, packed my bags, and moved to the beach! Since then, I've been studying a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University, meeting beautiful people, travelling all over the world, and making coffee in between to pay the bills. If you’d like to keep up with my Griffith University experience, follow me @josieadelejones on Instagram!

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Hi! I am Kanishka and I am currently studying a Masters of Arts in Visual Arts at QCA! I am a travel photographer and an abstract artist who fell in love at first sight with Brisbane. I love coffee, reading and creating art. I love meeting new people and eating pizza too!
My photography handle is @iseeyoufeel on instagram which you can follow to see more of Brisbane.
Hope to see you around!
All my love to you!

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I am Kavya Santhosh, postgraduate Electronics and Energy Engineering student at Griffith University. An ambitious engineer with a burning passion to write would best describe me. Writing, for me has been a form of happiness and a place where I can express myself with no restrictions. You can follow my stories and enjoy yourself in the worldly pleasure of creativity.
You can also follow my blog : or add me on LinkedIn:

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Hi all, my name is Lucy and for the past 6 years I have been travelling abroad studying and working within the world of polo in various countries. I have met and mixed with high profile polo players, patrons and many influential people within the world of polo.

Up until recently I have been studying a Bachelor of Communications in various different countries via correspondence so I can mix my two great loves of writing and polo together. An adventurer at heart I will be continuing to study from a distance so I can travel and gain the life experience needed to grow as a writer and hopefully one day work in a world where my writing is read by many and inspires others to follow in my footsteps around the globe.

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Hello, my name is Luigin and I'm from Quezon City, Philippines. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work in hopes of practicing in the field someday.
I would consider myself a daydreamer whose endeavour is to travel the world someday, particularly France. Furthermore, I love to read and binge-watch any source of entertainment that I can find, ranging from anime to 80's movies. People would describe me as odd; I see myself as one-of-a-kind.

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Hello! I'm Mayankkumar studying Masters in Information Systems at Griffith University and I am from India. I actively volunteer on campus through Griffith Mates to improve my social experience at Griffith University. Joining Explore Blog is another golden step to share my own experience to world.

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Mira is currently studying a double degree in Public Relations/Communications and Business majoring in marketing. She has a love for travel that has sent her on exchange to Paris where she plans on exploring Europe on the weekends whilst indulging in all the culinary delights on offer. Follow Mira on instagram @miragietzel.

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I absolutely love travel, music; old school & soul but any genre classics really, im a foodie, love fashion, cars, sweet red wine, watching; comedies, romance and sci-fi movies (watch " Life" if you haven't already!). Additionally, i would describe myself as a feminist, an ambivert, utterly honest and loyal Kenyan.

My name is Maureen Muthuuri. I love to write (mostly in journals hidden someplace), currently pursuing a post-graduate in Master of International Relations at Griffith University - Nathan Campus.

Welcome to my world @ms.muthuuri

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Martin is an Alumni of Griffith, completing a Master of Aviation Management program from 2011-2014.

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I’m Nicholas, a 30-year-old Australian student studying online from abroad. I am a huge philosophy, sailing and diving nerd. I spend most of my time on or in the water and could not comprehend being away from a coastline. I am looking forward to sharing with you some of my adventures, experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned as I contribute to the Explore blog.

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"We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless" - Rumi
Hi there! I'm Pri and I'm a South African undergrad student in the BioMed program at Nathan campus. You can most likely find me staring in amazement at trees, drinking scary amounts of coffee or making music in odd places.
We're all dancing to our own beat but I hope you find something to hum along to in my stories.

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My web link:

My name is Pram, and I come from Indonesia.
I'm studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science in Mt. Gravatt Campus.
My hobbies include playing badminton and volleyball, reading books, and watching Netflix.

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Rosa Faaliyat is a PhD candidate in the Business School at Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources in Griffith University, who spends most of her time figuring out how diversity Management will impact on equal opportunities for employees. She is one of the Griffith University Alumni holding Graduate Diploma in Business by Research. She obtained her MBA and Master of Management in International Business at Central Queensland University.

She moved to Australia as an International student and now she is an Australian Citizen. Rosa was a Mayor’s Ambassador for Brisbane. Rosa is passionate to share her student journey with the community. She is learning everything about the experience of living abroad.

In her free time, she travels all over, meeting new people, trying new food, dancing, and researching.
She is excited to show you every discovery she makes while living in Australia and its surroundings. If you would like to know more about her journey follow her on Instagram @rosea.da.

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Hi All! My name is Rowan Harrip and I am currently in second year of university studying a double degree Bachelor of Journalism with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Sport Management and minors in Public Relations and Event Management. I am a ‘mature aged student’ for sake of the word at the ripe age of 30 😛 I have a past life in corporate sales and customer service but not being one to grow stale decided a new path was what was needed! I love the university community and the opportunities it provides through events and AMAZING individuals! I love tea, dogs, horses, trivia, writing in my spare time, music and creating new and valuable experiences and memories! My passions are sport based – being an avid fan of many codes and on graduating I want to pursue a career in sport journalism or media of some form.

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Hi all, I'm Samantha, a first year Bachelor of Journalism student at the Gold Coast campus. I am originally from Sydney, and studied the first year of a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science degree at UNSW before deciding that journalism in Queensland is what I really want to do. I have a passion for writing and knowledge, and journalism is a field where I would be able to engage with both of these. When I'm not studying, I am reading, working on a new writing project, or snapping photos on my phone or camera.

I am also a Mayor's Ambassador for the Gold Coast, so I spend a lot of time on outings with my fellow ambassadors and writing about our adventures on social media. I have been lucky enough to find a great network of people who have given me great tips on settling in here on the Gold Coast, and I can't wait to pass them on to you.

I have a personal blog where I write about my experiences here on the Gold Coast (, and Instagram where I put some of my photos (@s.j.baldry)

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I stand for two important things in my life. Dentistry, for profession, and Creativity, for hobby. And if you were to ask my friends what my best quality is, they'd definitely say passion. Things I love to do, include swimming, trying new cafes, reading, drawing and studying anatomy, and finally, writing! Just in case you didn't figure out from my name, I'm Indian and NO, I do not play cricket.

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Hey there!!! My name is Shasthri. Im studying Master of Information Technology at Griffith University, Nathan Campus. I'm from "Pearl Of the Indian Ocean". I love travelling, cooking, playing musical instruments. I'm a people person who love to share my experiences living in Australia!!!

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Hi! I am a first-year student of Arts, Education and Law from Japan. I have graduated from high school on the Gold Coast last year and come back to study at Griffith. I had a privilege to work with Study Gold Coast as one of the 2019 GC Mayor’s student ambassadors and have accomplished promoting ‘studying on the Gold Coast’ by sharing my study abroad experience. Drawing on the experience, I am here to share my Uni life. I will be sharing lots of pleasing experiences. I like cafe hopping, going to nature, taking photos and chilling out with friends. Especially if you are looking for some good food or cafes around the Gold Coast...I can give you many recommendations! I hope you find my blogs enjoyable and useful.

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Canadian girl living in Oz studying a Masters of Social Work. 10 years ago I studied Human Services Counselling and went on to get my undergrad majoring in sociology. Once I got my degree seven years ago, I set off to travel the world around working in hospitality and found myself in Australia in 2016. After working in hospitality here for three years I have been called back to my roots and chose to study my Masters of Social Work where I find a sense of purpose. When I am not studying or working, you can find me reading, knitting, on the beach and drinking craft beer.

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My name is Tim O’Dea and I’m currently in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. I chose to study at Griffith as I wanted to combine my love of science with my interest in the criminal justice system, and aim to join the Australian Federal Police upon graduation. I’m absolutely loving my time in Plymouth, and really can’t complain about escaping the heat at the moment. If you want to follow the rest of my trip, you can find me on Instagram (@the_travelling_criminologist), and my blog (

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My web link:

About me, I am a young (not even) – dumb (for sure) – broke (no doubt) law school “kid”, who's scared of adulthood as it sucks to grow up. However, I have gone through some interesting things, which I think you may want to know. So I blog to tell you my “discovery” and hope you enjoy.

Now seriously, my name is Uyen and I come from Viet Nam. I studied a Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice. It was interesting to learn about what criminals think and why they do things they do. Currently, I’m studying Bachelor of Laws and enjoy it so far. I’m on my way to enhance my English skills and Master of Law School skills (struggling) as I wish to be a solicitor. Also, I try to visit a new place every week because, after 3 years in Australia, I did not know many places in Queensland. Hence, I read Explore blog posts for travel ideas.

How about you? How is your study at Griffith? I hope you can make the most out of the blogs and I'm more than happy to connect. Find me on LinkedIn or Instagram @uyenluongtrannguyen.

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Hey there! I am Vineetha Ranga, a Master of Business student who believes in the magic of serendipity. I am an amateur photographer and daydreamer who loves to cafe hop!

My experience in Australia and at Griffith so far has been
ah-mazing! I have made many friends from different countries and getting to know different cultures is lovely.
I aspire to become a "Businesswoman"!
Follow me on Instagram @vineetharanga

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My web link:

My name is Yinna Marcela Moreno Vivas. I am an English, Spanish and French teacher. I am from Colombia and I studied a master's at Griffith University in 2015. I have lived in Australia and France. I love traveling and that is why I try to do it at least three times a year. I have traveled to different countries such as the USA, Italy, Panama, Peru, and Spain. Every time I visit a new country, I try to spend a lot of time there and hang out with locals so that I can really learn about the culture. These experiences have enriched me both professionally and personally. Learning is what traveling is about.

If you want to get in touch with me to know more about my trips or to receive suggestions or tips for your next trip, follow me on Instagram @yinnamarcelamv or LinkeIn

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Yan Yiping, Chinese girl exploring the world
Dedicated to travelling and chill drinks.
Hobbies include smiling, surfing, photographing and all kinds nerdy stuff.
Always up to adventures
Love nature, appreciate life

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My web link:

"Love her, but leave her wild."

One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to move far away. So I did. Some might call it impulsive. However, I call it 'the best decision of my life'.

I am a lot of things: A current student doing a Bachelor of Communication and Journalism. A traveller. An expert at dark humour, especially involving my bad luck. A writer. A passionate person. Amongst many things....

Want to get to know me better? Feel free to add me on LinkedIn ( or read my blog posts (

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