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Five reasons you should join the Griffith Mates

Griffith Mates Griffith University

Having been a part of the Griffith Mates for three years now has made me realise how much I have grown both personally and professionally. I first met a Griffith Mate in their bright red shirt in my first week in Australia when I was so lost and confused. They helped me sort out my enrolment and informed me about facilities available at Griffith, and got me settled into University life; something most of you might have experienced. A year later, I saw the applications open for 2016 intake and I thought, ‘why not?’. I can assure you, that has been one of the best decisions I have made at uni. Let me tell you the top 5 reasons to join the Griffith Mates, from my personal experience.

1. Meet new people and make friends

The Griffith Mates family is amazing and I have had the pleasure of meeting such lovely people, some of whom are close friends now. I also got to meet so many students through Griffith Mates and my friendship circle expanded exponentially and this has enriched my university experience greatly.

2. The chance to grow as a person

I believe that I grew as a person. I became more confident in speaking in English and got so much better at engaging people during events and day trips. I was more accepting of change and became more open to opportunities and growth. I developed good public speaking skills and this was visible in my academics too when I scored a HD in an oral presentation.

3. Gain transferable skills

I grew professionally too! I was getting better at communicating both written and verbally and was starting to be more expressive. I got better at managing my time and procrastination was at an all-time low. I also became more culturally informed and competent, and was so much more informed in general.

4. Get opportunities and recommendations

I got to host events, be a Marketing and Communications Officer, mentor students and attend development workshops, something that I would not have had the opportunity to try if not for the Griffith Mates. Even though my study field was not related, I believe I was becoming more well-rounded. The most amazing part though? I received letters of recognition and recommendation on LinkedIn and my resume has never looked stronger.

5. Opportunities to volunteer

This I personally believe is the best part of being a Griffith Mate. It is an amazing feeling when you receive feedback that you have helped enrich someone’s university experience. You become a part of the Griffith community and you actively play a big role in making it the amazing place it is! And all this for just a few hours of your time each week. #PayItForward

Griffith Mates Griffith University Nicole David

Applications to become a Griffith Mate are currently closed. If you missed out this round, the Griffith Mates recruit each trimester. Be sure to follow the Griffith Mates on Facebook for updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Griffith Mates at [email protected]

Don’t forget to follow the Griffith Mates on Facebook and Instagram (@griffithmates) to see what they get up to! You can also visit the Mates’ page on the Griffith University website.

– Nicole


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