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Kunal Choudhari


Kunal arrived in Queensland earlier this year to being his Master of Information Technology studies at Griffith University.

Originally from India, Kunal had already worked in the sales and marketing industry, and had completed a degree in business with a marketing focus. Deciding that he was ready for a fresh perspective, Kunal chose to study abroad in Australia, looking to advance his career and gain new experiences.

So far he is enjoying the support that Griffith offers international students, and he has founded a WhatsApp group with friends to help international students to connect with each other. The community now has over 230 active international Griffith students who regularly connect with each other to discuss courses, lifestyle factors and to make new friends.

When he is not studying, Kunal loves to cook, explore new places and meet new people.

Get to know a bit more about Kunal below.


Hi Kunal!

What is your favourite quote and why?

‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.’ – Steve Jobs
We all have a limited time and just one life. Most of us fail to understand this fact early – I used to be one of them. This quote really helped me to build a fresh perspective on my life.  

What made you want to study abroad?

I had hardly ventured beyond my hometown in India and I’ve always aspired to push myself beyond my capacities. Experiencing different cultures around the world has always sparked my curiosity. In addition, I believed I should study a Master’s degree in order to advance in my career. 

So I thought, why not align everything at once? I believed that studying abroad would provide me with a completely fresh perspective on life. And Australia provides a world-class education as well as a globally diverse culture. So I made this decision. And today, I’m content with the life decisions I’ve made!

Why did you choose Griffith University?

My primary reason for choosing Griffith University is because its QS world rankings are excellent, and its alumni list is remarkable. The university offered advanced graduate programmes, as well as internationally-recognised credentials. 

Many student reviews praised the university for its outstanding student amenities, outstanding study facilities, and highly supportive instructors. The Masters program in Information Technology offered here covers all of the primary topics of business analysis including data analytics, agile methodologies, and information systems, among others. That’s why I decided to go with Griffith University. 

What do you love most about your life in Queensland?

The nature here in Queensland fascinates me. It’s quite relaxing. But, above all, I adore the people of Queensland. It must be normal practice here for a stranger to ask you, ‘How’s your day going, mate?’ with a smile. But it’s very generous of them to do that for me. Queenslanders are extremely friendly and hospitable.

What was your biggest fear or concern about starting your student journey abroad?

My life back in my home town was very social. I have always lived with my parents and I have an amazing friendship circle there. Everybody was there to my rescue. Moving away from all of them to a completely different country and starting a new life from scratch was a really challenging decision for me, so my main concern was how people would treat me and whether or not I would be able to make new friends 



How did you overcome your fear?

By socialising – when borders were shut down for a while, I used that time to connect with those who were already in Queensland. I try to attend university events and other social events regularly. Connecting with new people helped me to overcome my fear. People talk about their experiences, and I believe that we can learn from them.  

What is the best advice you have ever been given? 

‘Never give up if you believe in what you do’ is the gist of all the advice.  

Because I am close to my parents, all of the finest advice comes from them. Throughout my life, they have been my biggest support system. Whenever I feel trapped in life, I communicate with them. I thank them for always believing in me. 

Who in your life has had the most influence on your career and life choices and why?  

I made all of my life and career decisions on my own, some of which were correct and some of which were incorrect. I was collectively influenced by the friends in my life who were doing well in both life and career. There is no one specific person whom I can name. But whenever I went wrong, my parents always helped me to cope with the situation. So it wouldn’t be wrong if I said my parents have had a huge influence on my life. 

What has been your overall experience studying at Griffith as an international student?  

My overall experience in Griffith has been great so far. Apart from world-class education, Griffith University offers exceptional student assistance as well as amazing campus facilities. Griffith was quite supportive even when I was at home in my country for longer than I expected due to border closures. I am looking forward to my Griffith journey ahead.  

 Do you do attend any volunteer or extra-curricular work?  

At the start of the pandemic, myself and a few friends founded a WhatsApp group called ‘Griffith Students’ with the sole purpose of connecting with people who were taking relevant courses. However, the community has already grown to include 230+ active international Griffith students!

It’s evolved into a great networking platform. Students learn about job opportunities and available housing options in and around the Gold Coast from the group, and make friends with each other.

Where can we find you at the weekends? 

On weekends, you’ll most likely find me in the Griffith library completing assignments or watching recordings of lectures. And if I still have some time, then you might find me on Surfers Paradise beach. 

What are your dreams after graduating? 

I’d like to work as a Business Analyst after I finish my Masters degree. My long-term objective isn’t important to me right now because I’m open to whatever opportunities the world has in store for me, but my short-term objective is to work for a top IT firm and become a seasoned professional.



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