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    The all-nighter: part 1

    Laptop study session in the library

    12.08  am  Saturday 24th – I open my eyes. I have fallen asleep on my laptop keyboard. My face has managed to write a novel in binary code. I realise I am not in the library but my room. How long was I out for? It’s Saturday.  I look back and swear I remember Thursday like it was only a few hours ago.  I achieved something great yesterday and felt like a protagonist from a horror movie who survives through the whole movie just to see the villain who he thinks he killed getting back up to establish the premise for the sequel.

    I am Kasun De Alwis. This is my story.

    Thursday 22nd May, 2014 – T minus 18 hours till 1st presentation is due.

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    Uni Life

    Getting ready for EOS

    Exam block is creeping up and end of semester (EOS) is almost upon us. Can you believe it? It has felt really fast since I came back from clinical practicum and…