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    Dave’s time management suggestions

    Ying yang symbol

    Time Management:  a topic that students from every form of study hear about; from orientation week until the end of our degrees, we are pushed to create schedules and abide by them so as to receive the best possible results throughout our time in university and beyond.  Many of us heed these suggestions to manage time, while some choose to put time management aside to pursue a more leisurely journey through their learning experience.

    What I have come to realize from my time spent pursuing degrees, is that time management requires a balance; a kind of Ying and Yang where you can’t have one without the other; time needs to be divided evenly between school and personal time and if one over powers the other I find from experience that a conflict between the two can be created.  It is because of this potential for conflict that I have devised a list of what I believe are essential time management suggestions that I myself have implemented and contemplated throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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