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    Guide to Australia Zoo – for dummies

    Whether you’re a full blood Aussie, international student or just a visitor, it is absolutely 100% expected that you will at some point visit Steve Irwin’s famous creation – Australia Zoo. I am sure almost 90% of you have already taken one dozen of those “feeding-kangaroo”-pictures, or perhaps the ever-so-classical “holding-drugged*-but-warm-and-cosy-koala”-picture (which, mind you, costs like $30 to take). If you belong to that 10% that are yet to take any of those pictures, you better hurry up and head over to Australia Zoo a.s.a.p. And lucky you, because I am here to provide you with a short guide to Australia Zoo – for dummies. If you’re like me; unorganised, messy and need things spoon-fed to you, you’re going to need it. You may thank me later.

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