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    Staying healthy on exchange – Part 1: Food

     “It’s way too hot to work out!”

    “I’m out of food… I’ll just buy takeaway in town”

     “Oh man no way, the gym membership is soooooo expensive”

     “Meh, coffee will wake me up tomorrow”.

    These thoughts came to my mind so many times in the early weeks of my exchange.

    Coming to Australia for an exchange programme, I was sure I’d be able to stay on track, exercise as regularly as I did back home, eat tons of healthy fruit and veggies and get all the sleep in the world.

    Soon enough, I noticed it wasn’t going to be that easy for myriad of different reasons and I’d start hiding behind all kinds of excuses to justify my lagging. Don’t get me wrong, being on exchange is probably one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your life and you should make the most of your time in your host country, have fun and create life-lasting memories.

    Here are a few ways your subconscious and body may try to push you off track and my tips to overcome them. This story will be a 3-part series. Each article will tackle an aspect of health to help you look after yourself during your exchange. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!

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