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    Staying healthy on exchange – Part 2: Exercise

    In Part One, Tess shared her tips and tricks on how to eat healthy and nourishing food while on exchange. 

    Hi again! You may have come straight from the first article of this 3-part series dedicated to guiding you through your exchange in the healthiest ways. If you have just stumbled upon this post, here are a few tips on how you can stay on track or get started in fitness whilst still having the time of your life as an exchange student, or any kind of student, really!

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  • Uni Life

    Staying healthy on exchange – Part 1: Food

     “It’s way too hot to work out!” “I’m out of food… I’ll just buy takeaway in town”  “Oh man no way, the gym membership is soooooo expensive”  “Meh, coffee will wake…

  • Alarm clock - sleeping in

    Combat jet lag

    We all know that feeling – tired, exhausted and grumpy, when we’re supposed to be awake…  Energetic and hungry, when everybody else is sleeping… Jet lag, also known as sleep fatigue, is caused…

  • mint and tomato plants

    The beginnings of a garden

    Ever since I stumbled on the organic industry a few years ago, I have been working hard to eat as much organic produce as I can, and to support local farmers.…