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    Study Abroad and Exchange Uni Life

    Why Studying Abroad is the Best Decision You Ever Made

    Sitting on the cliff edge of The Blue Mountains, Sydney

    You’re in your first semester.
    You don’t know anyone.
    You don’t seem to understand anything.
    You feel lost, and you’re asking yourself, “Did I make the right decision?”

    This was me in my first semester here in Australia. Within the first few months, I began reconsidering my decision to study abroad. It was a new place, with new people, and most importantly, a new life. I wasn’t ready for it and like everyone, I was afraid of the change.

    It has been two years now. Sometimes I can find it hard to focus on the good things. It’s especially hard when you’re in an environment that’s outside your comfort zone. I’m here to remind you of the good things and why studying abroad is the best decision you have ever made!

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