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    My First O-Week at Griffith

    Orientation Week for the first trimester of 2022 is around the corner, and I am fairly excited as it will be my last Orientation Week as a Griffith University student.

    As the event is coming closer, it reminds me of my first Orientation week at the Nathan campus, when I had not yet changed my major and moved to the Gold Coast.

    It has been three years since I came to Australia to study and pursue my dream career. I remember I came here in the winter at the end of June, which was quite cold for me at first. My home city of Ho Chi Minh is normally hot during the year without winter, so it took me a while to adapt. I still have a vivid memory of being extremely excited for the Orientation Week that I did hours of research on it.


    Postgraduate Orientation

    The first O-Week activity I attended was the Postgraduate Orientation session. This session was designed to help new commencing students to understand general knowledge on campus and off campus. This session took place in the university theatre. First, they gave out a blank name tag to students to fill in their names, countries where they came from and their major. There was so much information which I honestly found was a bit overwhelming, but it was worth attending to learn the basics of studying my Masters with Griffith.


    Student Connect

    After the postgraduate session, I went to the library to line up at the Student Connect service, as I needed to take a photo for my student ID. At this time, photos for student ID and student cards were still taken at the Student Connect stalls, while currently all student ID documents are processed online. As soon as I was nicely supported by the Student Connect team to get my documents done, I then gave myself a tour of the library as a celebration for a successful first day of O-week. I took some pictures of myself in the library to send back to my parents in Vietnam.


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