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    Seven shows: binge watch those study blues away!

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    I don’t aim to create any negative habits or inspire anyone into becoming a patron of procrastination with this post; I am merely here to feed the habit for those of us who fell down this hole a long time ago! I find that when specific situations or life in general threaten to overwhelm me (or when I just have a good chunk of time to fill and nothing to fill it with), a good television show marathon does the world of good. Whether it makes us laugh, cry, smile or think, television truly can cure a menagerie of maladies. So peruse below through my top seven suggestions for shows to watch when you’re stressed or just looking to procrastinate those essays away. Forewarning: most of the shows are British, because that is what I was raised on. And British shows are just so much better (but I guess that is a debate for another day)!

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