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    You know it’s assessment time when…

    Coffee - saviour of university students everywhere!
    • You find yourself completely invested in TV shows you’ve never enjoyed before or even felt an inclination to watch. X Factor and Masterchef anyone…
    • Your desk is covered with a variety of worksheets, textbooks and half completed essays. It looks more like the site of a minor explosion than a functional workspace.
    • Between the pile of yet to be completed essays, the stack of lecture notes to be studied and the aforementioned TV shows, a good night’s sleep is the stuff of fantasy.
    • You actually cease to function without coffee and associated caffeinated beverages.
    • You’ve approximately consumed your weight in confectionary over the course of a week.
    • At least once you’ve vowed to never leave an assignment until the last minute again… you’re pretty sure you’ll break this promise within the week.
    • You get desperate enough to catch up on assigned readings.
    • You can reference a journal article off by heart and know the Learning@Griffith website like the back of your hand.
    • Your life is structured around deadlines and due dates rather than days of the week.
    • After twelve batches your chocolate chip cookies are Michelan star worthy and you’ve successfully avoided writing that essay – procrastination at its finest.
    • Your social life is so non-existent that it’s probable your friends don’t remember your name.
    • You spend more time creating and colour-coding a study plan than actually studying.

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