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    The world is my oyster

    Hi everyone!

    This is Zhaoyu Li from China.

    I am currently in the last phase of my PhD candidature, writing up my thesis. Invited by the Griffith Graduate Research School (GGRS), I think it’s a good time to share some of my perception and experiences at Griffith University.

    I spent my first year and half at the Gold Coast campus. The first day I arrived at Griffith, I was amazed by the massive resource our school provided. I was guided to the Student Centre, where our school tutor helped me to get registered and lead me to the academic building in G01.

    I got my work space, two big screen PCs and three big cabinets to store my study items. Then a quick tour of the kitchen, copy room and a public stationary cabinet – soon both of my hands were stuffed with pens, notebooks, paper clips, and post-it notes and even a stapler. Maybe this is not worth mentioning for you guys, but this was the first time in my life to receive something from the school! Not mention the IT service support and library support afterwards! I felt very valued here and appreciated by the great study environment our school offered.


    Lina’s farewell (visiting scholar from Gutenberg University)

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