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    Pack your bag like a 3rd year – an assignment season survival guide

    Brace yourself - assignment season is coming

    Congratulations! You now know G39 and G40 are in opposite ends of the campus. Playing GTA5 and Skyrim has helped you master the art of running from the car park to the tute, then to the lecture whilst avoiding construction potholes and trams. You can now proceed to the next level.

    Level 2:   8 assignments and 4 presentations unlocked.

    Your first year at university could be a confusing one. You have sussed out your classes and know where to get the best coffee. You start thinking to yourself “wow! All these boat cruises and parties are really fun. I love uni. And Yay Game of Thrones season 4 is finally here”. It is then you get hit on the head with an overpriced hardbound textbook called reality. Brace yourself! Assignment season is coming!

    Hey it’s not that bad! Hanging out in the library and doing assignments at a slow pace can be really fun! These are some easy tips you can follow to possibly make the coming weeks full of assignments, presentations and group meetings a bit less chaotic.

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