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    5 reasons surf camp is worth it

    Whether you are still in the early stages of planning your stay in Australia, just arrived or already lived in Australia for quite some time, I am sure you have looked at all these pictures and videos of surfers with massive envy. I did. Before I came to Australia almost three years ago I was following all these surfer dudes and chicks on instagram, daydreaming of the moment when it would be my turn – my turn to become this sun-kissed, beach savvy goddess of the waves. Like, how difficult can it be? It’s just a surf board and some water, easy peasy… yeaaaaah, nah. Absolutely not. Reality, here represented by a massive wave, hit me in the face big time, knocked me out, and I almost (involuntarily) made my TV career debut on Bondi Rescue. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being the distressing damsel being saved by a tan, longhaired Australian life guard, however, considering this TV show is also aired all over Norway, it would perhaps not have been the proudest moment in my life. It was when I was shamefully dragging my half-drowned self up on the shores of Bondi Beach I promised myself that I would not attempt this sport again before I had had some sort of training. And two days later, I was on my way to a whole week of SURF CAMP!

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