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    (More than) halfway-mark at HKU

    Taiwanese Street Food

    Since my last blog post, so much has happened – it’s almost week 10 of exchange, and time is flying past!

    About three weeks ago, a group of exchange students – from the Netherlands, Germany, England, Canada – and myself went on a backpacking tour of Taiwan during our mid-semester break. There had been a lot of to-and-fro within this group as to where we wanted to spend the week of no classes – and it was on the recommendation of many others that we decided on Taiwan. In hindsight, I just can’t believe how underrated a destination it is. There is everything on this amazing island – hipster laneways in Taipei with cafes and retro clothing stores; hikes along the beautiful Taroko Gorge; endless waves to surf in the southern town of Kenting… The best part? Night-time food markets open in every city, every night, serving everything from sizzling plates to marshmallow toast!

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