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    Tips to Packing Your Whole Life Away in One Piece of Luggage and a Carryon

    So you’re heading off to a foreign land, eh? Maybe it’s your first time in a new country? Or maybe it’s your first time leaving home for an extended period. Let’s get real – you’re scared. Either way, you’re probably feeling a bit wary, nervous like a groupie meeting your favourite band but most of all excited for the adventure ahead.

    I was lucky enough to know someone who has experienced university abroad. The one tip she gave me was to bring a roll of toilet paper. Wait… What?!

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    Uni Life

    #BeachCare version 3.0

    Contributed by Nikhil, Bachelor of Engineering As I explained in my previous blog, I always felt gardening wasn’t the type of work I would commit to, but soon realised that anyone…