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    10 steps to inner peace and happiness

    Wide open road

    In today’s age, we are creatures constantly on the go. We spend week after week at work, or at school, paying bills, checking emails, having meetings, and counting down to that Friday night. We lose our true essence as human beings to the ever advancing world around us.That’s why I’de like to share with you my 10 steps to inner peace and happiness which has made every moment brighter, and everyday easier.

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  • Mpho and friends looking out to view at Mt Gravatt Lookout

    5 things to do 5ks away

    Looking for something to do? Here’s five activities that are less than 5km away from Griffith’s Nathan and Mt Gravatt campuses:…

  • Magpie

    Don’t mind the birds

    My partner and I recently moved house. The lady that lived here before us was really lovely, however the day before we moved in she issued me with a warning: birds. Now…