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Top three study snacks

Being a university student while working two jobs, trying to workout and maintain a social life can be challenging sometimes. To succeed in those things, your body requires nourishment! In addition to my big meals I eat every day, I am a sucker for snacks. I thought I would share the top three snacks I am addicted to right now. They are yummy and take less than five minutes to make!


All you need are the ingredients listed below. Take some brown rice cakes, smash a bit of avocado on top with tomatoes, soy sauce, a bit of salt and pepper as well as hemp seeds. If you have feta cheese as well it tastes even better!


This snack is the easiest one. Simply wash grapes and put them in the freezer. After a few hours these sweet bites are ready to snack on! Between grapes, sip on delicious tea. The balance between hot and frozen is absolutely amazing.



Add strawberries (or any berries) to your choice of yoghurt and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. If you are feeling extra hungry you can add muesli. So simple, yet so fulfilling.

Remember to take care of yourself and eat while studying. Your body deserves it. x

Best wishes,

-Zerina B. 

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