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    Ramen in Brisbane

    Authentic Tokyo Ramen

    What is ramen?

    If you’re at the end of a big night out and you find yourself craving some salty late-night food, ramen will be the best choice. Having grown up in Tokyo with thousands of bowls of authentic and top-notch ramen, I feel like I have to get through to everyone its greatness. Technically, ramen is a noodle dish flavored with pork, fish or soy sauce based broth and laced with variety of toppings; slices of tender chashu(pork), a sheet of nori(seaweed) and green onions. But the toppings can vary depending on where you go. It costs about 6$ – 9$ (in Japan), known as a common staple for all ages.

    Since around the late 20th and 21st century, ramen has become artisanal and popular food in Japan. Many apprentices started developing its experience and own taste under the Ramen legends.

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