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The Ultimate Guide to Orientation


Embarking on a new chapter in a new country is both exciting and nerve-wracking. The decision to pursue higher education in a different country means you have courage, determination, and an eagerness to embrace the unknown. So well done, and welcome to Griffith!  

There is one event that stands out as a ‘must do’ for anybody starting uni at Griffith, and that’s Orientation Week (known as O-Week). A vibrant week of unmissable experiences, O-Week is a highlight of our calendar, and we can’t wait to see you there.  

Stepping onto campus during O-Week, you’ll be greeted by a kaleidoscope of cultures, and a diverse community of both Australian and fellow international students who share the same excitement and challenges that you do. It’s an environment that fosters inclusivity and unity, providing a sense of belonging and support from day one.  

“Orientation covers the basics of a student’s everyday needs on campus, such as finding your way around, learning about support, health and emergency services, and navigating the library. Orientation also presents a prime opportunity to discover how students can make the most of their time in Australia.” – Numan


1. Start working through MyOrientation 

Start your Orientation before even arriving on campus through myOrientation, an online platform offering a personalised step-by-step journey. From enrolling and getting your student ID card to accessing online systems and planning for on-campus O-Week events, myOrientation has you covered. Check your emails regularly for information about starting your studies. myOrientation is compulsory for all commencing students and there is a specific module called Life in Australia designed to assist international students with settling into Australia and the local community.

Head over to myOrientation here (available after gaining access to myGriffith through the ‘Starting at Griffith’ email you’ll be sent).



2. Get Ready for the fun of O-Week Festival!

O-Week is when we welcome new and returning students to Griffith and help you get settled in. O-Week is usually held the week before lectures and classes start each trimester. O-Week is a great opportunity for you to: 

  •  Meet new people and make new friends
  •  Get comfortable with campus facilities and class locations
  •  Make sure you are correctly enrolled
  •  Participate in study skills workshops
  •  Attend important academic sessions to help you get ready for classes
  •  Have lots of have fun!

Our O-Week Festival is packed with a range of on-campus and online activities so you can find out all about life at Griffith and in Queensland. With a range of Market Days and social events – no matter the classes you are enrolled in – there will be something for everyone. 

Can’t make it to every session? Jump onto one of our live-streamed events and information sessions on our social channels to join in on all the fun. 

“Look for university activities that offer free resources. Activities like O-Week, give-aways, and recreational activities may offer some freebies and tools for students. Take advantage of it to get some free stuff, which can lower your expenditure.” – Sandy 


“The one that caught my eye the most was a very special stall that had small Australian animals such as reptiles, frogs, and sugar gliders. I could not take my eyes off the animals and automatically I was hypnotised! I took tonnes of photos but I was so excited that most of them came out blurry!” – Chau 


Some of the great events held at previous O-Weeks include…


  • Griffith Mates Welcome Booth 

Make sure you drop by the Welcome Booth during Orientation, hosted by the Griffith Mates (current students). If you have a quick question, want to chat or find out about activities and events, the Griffith Mates will point you in the right direction. 

  •  Twilight City Walking Tour with Griffith Mates

Join the Griffith Mates for a tour around Brisbane or the Gold Coast. New students will be introduced to the local public transport system, tourist highlights, eating hot spots and shopping districts. These tours are a unique opportunity to make new friends and explore the best of your new city. Make sure you register early, as places are limited. 

  • International Student Afternoon Tea 

Meet and mingle with other students just like you, on the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses. The Griffith Mates will be hosting a group catch up to help you meet new people and make new friends. Griffith Mates host a range of student social activities throughout the trimester, for more information visit their website.

  • Speed Friending + Trivia 

Join us for a pub lunch at the UniBar while you can meet some new friends with our fast friends session, then put those new friends to the test during our trivia round. Prizes are available – so why not join in the fun? 

  • Griffith Sport Kick Off 

Bring your friends down to the Nathan Campus Fields to try your hand at Touch Football, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball and more while networking with our Sports Club members. Enjoy some pumping tunes and a BBQ while you find out all the different ways you can get involved in sport at Griffith.


Orientation Week is an influential part of your university experience and trust me when I say that you will only get it once. From learning about the student clubs available to free food, giant games and pool parties, O-Week has so much to offer. But most importantly, it’s a chance for you to meet like-minded people. It can also be the first activity that you do with your new friends and classmates. –  Aayushi


Find out what’s on at our Brisbane campuses here and our Gold Coast campus here.


  • While you’re at O-Week make sure you keep an eye out for OWLs

Keep an eye out for the Orientation Week Leaders (OWLs) on campus and online during O-Week. OWLs are current Griffith students who volunteer to help during O-Week. They can assist by answering questions, providing directions and sharing advice on life at Griffith.

? Fun fact: Research shows that attendance at orientation is a predictor of academic success!


“Don’t just go to orientation, sign up for as many in-person orientation events as you can! There are many different events that you can attend; try different social sports, enjoy making friends fast at Mates in Minutes, go on a twilight tour of the Gold Coast, hit up the Rooftop Roller Disco, Dive-in Movie, and Uni Bar Kickoff. Also, check out the many different club stalls that Griffith has to offer! You could meet friends at any event you attend, I did on a campus tour of all things!”  – Jen


3. Attend your school-based Orientation

Your school orientation is compulsory, and included in your O-Week Planner. Each school or program may have their own mandatory sessions and additional events to ensure you are as ready as you can be to start your studies. Your school will communicate with you via email and myOrientation. 


4. Register for Library Orientation 

The approach to teaching and learning at Griffith may be very different from your past experience. You’ll be expected to be a proactive and independent learner, with a strong understanding of academic integrity. The Library can help you prepare for your study by teaching you essential study skills and providing access to a wide range of online resources. 

Free online early-bird workshops are held during O-Week and include:
  • Strategies for study at university
  • Writing university assignments
  • Researching and referencing for your assignments
  • Exploring online resources at Griffith.
View available workshops and register online here.



We look forward to seeing you at O-Week. Don’t forget to check your emails for the latest information about starting your studies at Griffith.



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