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    Brace yourself, winter is coming: 5 truths about winter in Australia


    When I first came to Australia four years ago, I was under the impression that I had arrived to the land of eternal sunshine and indefinite summer. And for the first 10 or so months it seemed as though I was right. The Australians were moaning when the mercury hit 25, and I thought “well, 25 degrees is a decent summer day in Norway, so I’m happy with that! Let’s go for a swim!”

    What I learned then was that winter in Australia really was a thing. It actually existed. It might not be nordic-style cold, but after living with sometimes unbearable heat for ten months, your body gets used to it and anything under 20 degrees then becomes equivalent of minus 20 degrees.

    Here are five utterly random things I discovered about winter in Australia. (Warning: This post may include a lot of exaggeration)

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