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Hady Acurio Arrunategui

    Humans of Griffith


    Hady came to Australia two years ago from Peru and is currently studying a Master of Marketing / Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management at Nathan campus.

    Having established a successful career working in hotels around the world, she is now hoping to gain more knowledge about Marketing and expand her horizons. 


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    Hi Hady!

    What made you want to study abroad?  

    The idea of experiencing a new culture and vision are the reasons why I have chosen to study abroad. Especially in the creative field of Marketing, I really wanted to experience a different perspective of this industry in the theoretical and practical aspects, so I can be capable of analysing different scenarios and implementing what I learn in my country. 

    Why did you choose Griffith University?  

    I chose Griffith because it provided the perfect option to undertake a program that combines Marketing & Hospitality/Tourism. I think Griffith’s double Master’s degrees are excellent for professionals like me, who want to expand their horizons within their industries by having a more specialised learning experience.  

    What do you love most about your life in Queensland?  

    The nature we have around us! Queensland is a beautiful state that has a lot to offer. Every weekend, you can visit absolutely beautiful locations and they are all different, which is something that I love! The fact that all the places are diverse, it reminds me a lot of Peru and makes me feel at home. Also, I fell in love with Brisbane from the very first moment I moved here! It’s a vibrant city, modern and full of art.    


    The idea of experiencing a new culture and vision are the reasons why I have chosen to study abroad.


    What was your biggest fear about starting your student journey? 

    The biggest concern I had was that I hadn’t been to university since I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. I really wanted to concentrate on developing my practical path before studying for a Master’s, however, I was a little bit concerned about coming back to the academic field after a long period of time. 

    How did you overcome your fear?  

    Even though I was carrying this concern when I joined Griffith, the university was very helpful in assisting me with all the tools I needed to make me feel comfortable from day one. There are so many workshops, aside from the lectures, that are specifically dedicated to helping you with your academic pathway at Griffith.

    In addition, the lecturers are so helpful in building confidence in you, to demonstrate the best of yourself and what you can achieve or excel in. 

    What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?  

    ‘Be proud of who you are’.

    My parents always taught me to be proud of myself. I think being proud has a deeper meaning apart from the definition itself – that is, being proud of who you are and all the achievements you carry with you. This is the best advice from my parents, which always gives me the courage to walk with confidence, not just in my professional path, but also in life. 


    ‘Be proud of who you are’.


    Who in your life has had the most influence on you? 

    My parents, without a doubt. They are so passionate about what they do, and that for me has been always inspiring. My Mom – she is the best cook in the world! When I was little, I used to help her with her catering company, where people were not just happy just with her amazing food, but also with her charisma. I think that is where I have taken my hospitality sense and the way of doing everything with happiness.   

    On the other hand, my Dad, he is my other half. He knows me upside down and wishes all the best for me, always. He is very supportive of all my dreams and always told me I must make my dreams come true, even if sometimes it seems impossible. I grew up believing in my dreams thanks to him. I feel very lucky to have these two diamonds in my life – so everything I choose in life is and will be inspired by them.  

    What has your student experience been like so far? 

    I feel grateful to be here in Brisbane as an international student. I have met students from different backgrounds and nationalities, which creates a great international environment. People always get very excited when I tell them I am from Peru, because there are not so many students from my country. I love to share my culture with people, which makes my experience even more rewarding.  

    Do you do any volunteer or extra-curricular activities? 

    I run a women’s community in Brisbane where I contribute to the development and improvement of self-esteem through dance. I have been dancing Flamenco for almost 20 years, and I share my love for this art form with ladies from different backgrounds. We use dance as an empowering tool to reconnect with ourselves and create a greater connection with the movement, seeking the enjoyment of dancing.  

    I love the fact that sharing one of my passions with incredible women has resulted in an empowering community where we inspire each other. On the other hand, I enjoy having found a different meaning when dancing. I consider that this is not just a physical activity – it also has so many benefits for our health, especially for our mental balance and the improvement of confidence. 


    I run a women’s community in Brisbane where I contribute to the development and improvement of self-esteem through dance.


    Are you a member of any uni clubs? 

    When I joined Griffith, I joined the Yoga Lifestyle Club, which was an amazing way to start my studies. I will be attending more of their upcoming workshops since it’s a great club that helps us to stay calm – which is needed when starting an academic journey.   

    Where can we find you at the weekend? 

    Around Queensland! Somewhere where I can enjoy nature. Otherwise, I may be also creating a dance video performance at a beautiful location in QLD with the ladies of my community, or I may be enjoying a nice cup of coffee in Brisbane! 

    What are your dreams after graduating?  

    I would love to develop my career by working with an Australian Government marketing agency within the tourism field, where I can gain professional experience executing marketing campaigns to improve tourism in Australia. Additionally, I would love to create a business that can impact positively on the awareness of Peru in Australia.  

    What is your favourite quote? 

    ‘Passion is discipline’. 

    I always carry this quote with me, wherever I go. I truly believe that passion is a strong feeling that needs to always be present in every action we do. I consider that it must be demonstrated with discipline, and we should never forget who we truly are and what we are passionate about.  



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