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    The seven week international internship that kick started my career

    After four years of study I wanted to finish the final trimester of my degree with something exciting and unique to set me apart from all the graduates with the same qualifications as me. I knew I needed the experience of an internship to get my foot in the door and to taste test if this field of work was really for me. I had the perfect amount of 20 credit points remaining, so I thought, what better way to get that industry experience as well as immersing in a whole new culture and some travel in the mix; completing an internship overseas was simply meant to be.

    Following the semester exchange I completed in Paris the previous year, I knew Griffith had so many connections and unique study experiences on offer, so I sought out the Asian Business Internship through the Global Mobility program. After submitting my application and completing the initial interview process, I was so excited to hear the news that I had been selected to embark on this seven week experience in Hong Kong, the business capital of the world.

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