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    Study Abroad and Exchange

    My journey from online to back on-campus


    My name is Maria Stadheim and I am an international student from Norway currently undertaking my degree at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus.  

    I am studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Science, and will commence my final year in 2022.  

    My dream is to work with artificial organs, biomechanics or any mechanical engineering technology within the field of medicine. I am passionate about mixing creativity with science as well as utilizing engineering knowledge to solve medical and health issues.  

    I would love the chance to learn from and work with skilled engineers and experts within the field here in Australia after my graduation, if the opportunity arises. During these pandemic times, I think this topic is especially relevant and in need of further research. 

    I have lived and studied in Australia since October, 2017, when I decided to move to the Gold Coast by myself after travelling the country earlier that same year. I instantly fell in love with the friendly culture, the mild climate and the carefree people.  

    I loved how strangers talked to each other like they already knew one another, and the different lifestyle from what I am familiar with fascinated me. Living at the beach, learning to surf, riding scooters around the town, road tripping the beautiful coast and skating to uni was my everyday life while living in sunny Queensland.


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