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Stand Up in the Middle of the Storm

Life is beautiful, life is an art and life is colourful. But it can also be tough sometimes. A lot of unpredictable things happen in our lives. Some of them we can control, some of them we cannot. These unpredictable times can cause problems and lead us to stress. Unfortunately we cannot become immune to problems and stress, but we can prepare before something stressful happens.

I have learnt a lot around how to handle stress through studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Griffith University. Griffith has taught me a lot of precious lessons on how to survive in every difficult situation in my life. I love studying psychology at Griffith. In my opinion, the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University is the best place to study and learn how to handle stress. Currently, we are studying not only psychological theory, but also how to implement those theories in our lives. My supportive lecturers and tutors in the School of Applied Psychology always encourage me to do my best in my studies. I am a student with mental illnesses, and Griffith has never looked down on me; they always stand beside me encouraging me to achieve my goals. Griffith Disability Services and Griffith Counseling and Wellbeing have guided me to change my mindset, and led me to be successful in my studies. 

In my writing today, I will share some tips on how to stay strong in stressful situations in our life, which I have learnt during my studies at Griffith. Many people say, “You have to be strong”. But what does that mean? How can we become stronger every time we are faced with problems?

  1.   Self-Accountability

Self- Accountability is prioritising our duties that are truly important for us to achieve success in life, and ensuring we fulfill those duties. It is one of the keys to success. People without self-accountability often choose to focus on other things which are not that important – this could be a waste of their time. Everyone has different levels of self-accountability. It depends on the persons’ situation and what their duties are.

Pick one duty in your life and prioritise it. For current students, I believe study is your number one priority for sure.

  1.   Goals

Goals are the soul of self-accountability. Goals will drive us and motivate us to do something that we want to achieve. Do not stop working for your goals. Do not surrender until you achieve your goal.

  1.   Mindfulness

Mindfulness is to be in the present moment, without thinking about the past and the future. Mindfulness is part of therapy in positive psychology. Being mindful brings us complete concentration and helps with increasing our productivity. There are a lot of resources on the internet about mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness can be a lifestyle, and a way to find inner peace in our lives. Live for today, smile for today and be grateful for today.

  1.   Self-Compassion

Sometimes we are very busy trying to achieve our goals and duties in life. We are too busy focusing on other things, that we don’t have any time to give to ourselves. Self-compassion is to be kind to yourself. Doing things that you like to do. Oprah Winfrey in her quotes said that “Do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do”. So, after you have finished with your duties, ensure you do something that you like to do, which is self-caring.

  1.   Strengths

Strength can give you power to stand still in the middle of the storm. Identify your strengths and always remember these in your life, even in the hardest situations. Remember, everybody is unique and you are precious, and everybody is on their own path.


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