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    5 Aussie foods you have to try

    As an international student in Australia, it is a must to try Aussie food. When you get to understand local food, you will get to understand local lifestyle and tastes. So immerse yourself in the local delicacies!

    1. Aussie BBQ: sausage sizzle

    A sausage sizzle made in Aussie BBQ is definitely my favourite Aussie food! Sausage sizzle means sausage sandwich. During an Aussie BBQ, we grill sausages and onions. We usually use beef or pork sausages, but you can use other sausages as well to suit your taste. After the sausages are cooked, we put the sausage in bread, and top up with onions. Don’t forget to add tomato or barbeque sauce on top! Yummy!

    So where do you cook or get a sausage sizzle? You can go to a park that has a BBQ facility to make your own! Alternatively, you can look for school functions, fundraising events, and carnivals that may have sausage sizzles. You can also go to Bunnings (a hardware store) that provides sausage sizzles.


    2. Angus beef pie and sausage roll

    Another unique Aussie food would be Angus beef pies and sausage rolls. The pie is made of a crispy outer layer, and juicy beef inside the pie. They are usually served hot, which can really warm up your stomach. You can find Angus beef pies and sausage rolls in some restaurants, bakeries or food kiosks. You can also get the frozen ones from supermarkets.


    3. Vegemite

    Vegemite is the most famous spread in Australia. Local people definitely love it. They usually put vegemite on bread or biscuits, and it would be good to add some butter to it. However, there are mixed responses towards vegemite internationally. Some people dislike it and they think that vegemite has a strange and salty taste. For me, I think vegemite tastes like soy sauce. The tip for tasting vegemite is do not add too much vegemite at a time, because the taste is quite strong. You can easily get vegemite from supermarkets. Buy a jar of vegemite, and some bread or biscuits to make this delicacy!

    4. Lamingtons

    The lamington is a popular dessert in Australia. It is well-liked by both Australians and foreigners. It is coated with coconut. It is soft and sweet, and is really suitable for people who have a sweet tooth. I like lamington a lot as well. You can buy lamington from restaurants, bakeries and cafes. You can also buy it from supermarkets.

    5. Tim Tams

    Tim Tam’s are a famous type of chocolate biscuits in Australia. The richness of the chocolate flavour makes it a really good snack. It is also a popular souvenir choice as well. There are a varieties of Tim Tam favours, such as original, caramel, white chocolate, brownie, mint, you name it! You can pick one that suits your taste! You can also try some special limited edition favours which can be a new tasting experience for you! You can buy Tim Tams from supermarkets.

    If you come to Australia, make sure to try the above delicacies! You can learn about the food culture and enjoy the Aussie lifestyle too.


    Happy eating,