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Showcasing Indonesian culture and spirit through the Indonesian Students Association of Griffith University (ISAGU)

Are you interested in getting exposure to Indonesian’s culture and tradition? Are you wanting to expand your language skills by learning the Indonesian language?

Here at Griffith University, we, as international students from Indonesia, proudly coordinate a cultural organisation that aims to strengthen the solidarity of the Indonesian students and introduce Indonesian culture to the international communities.

The Indonesian Students Association of Griffith University (ISAGU) covers a multitude of events in procuring both domestic and international students who are interested in Indonesian culture and traditions. We also provide a variety of activities for both Indonesian students and international students to participate.

For Indonesian Students:

During the past six months, we have organised a Monthly Discussion (MoDis) with Indonesia’s reputable political and social actors, such as Mr Hassan Wirajuda, former Foreign Minister of Indonesia, and Mr Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java Province. This program is aimed to become a discussion medium between current/past national leaders with us, as the future leaders.

We also have some fun activities that we orchestrate, which can be as formal as the Indonesian Independence Day on the 17 August, to more casual eventss like lunch gatherings and day-tripping. Through these events, we aim to connect all of our Indonesian students at Griffith University.

Kevin Rappe, who is currently studying Bachelor of Law and International Business, says his involvement with ISAGU has contributed to enhancing his network, especially with other Indonesian students from other universities in Australia, international students, and Indonesian policy makers.

For Australian and International Students:

We aim to introduce Indonesian culture while showcasing our beautiful and exotic destination in a more fun and enjoyable manner. Some of the events that we organised are the Bahasa Indonesian language class, Indonesian traditional dance, and Indonesian movies and games nights. Despite the limits to travel because of the pandemic, we truly hope that the students are able to experience a bit of Indonesian’s culture through ISAGU.

As ISAGU is a cultural club at Griffith University, we focus heavily on introducing Indonesian’s culture globally while associating with other clubs at Griffith University. We work with other cultural groups at Griffith to foster camaraderie among club groups. Outside of university, we collaborate with one of Indonesia’s cultural organisations, Seharum Nusantara, which gives our members a chance to get involved in performing traditional Indonesian dance along with participating in Indonesian ceremonies.

By participating in ISAGU, we hope that all ISAGU members can cultivate everlasting friendships, explore the wonderful sides of Indonesia, and continue supporting our community.

You can check out the ISAGU on Instagram or the Griffith ISAGU Group page.

Gathering at Labrador, Gold Coast (Credit: Rohandi Prastyawan)

Article written by:

Ditha Puspani (Bachelor of International Relation)

Angela Nicollette Legawa (Bachelor of Arts and Business)

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