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    Aussie slang – a pocket guide

    Arriving to a new and different country can be endlessly exciting, but also absolutely terrifying. For people coming from a non-English background, there is a massive language barrier that needs to be crossed. Not only in terms of learning new words and phrases, but also stepping way out of your comfort zone and dealing with tricky situations, resulting in the occasional game of miming or charades. As for me, having travelled all my life, I thought I had the English language in the palm of my hand… Oh boy was I wrong. And I learnt that the hard way.

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    Uni Life

    Global Connections

    Establishing a global network of friends and connections isn’t just a great way to learn more about the world; it’s also a smart business decision. Why? When you graduate you’ll have…

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    How to leave a world behind

    As someone who has migrated a fair few times in my days, I often get asked if I ever experience homesickness and how I cope with it. The truth is, I…