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    How to get back into the rhythm of studying after almost a decade away

    It has been seven years since I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts, but I found it an easy decision to return to study.  I’ve been working in hospitality for the past decade while travelling. Without meaning to, I ended up with a career in an industry I had been using to get me through my first degree.  Working in a stressful job, I was pushed to explore my options of exiting the hospitality industry. I’ve always been drawn to the thought of completing my masters. Upon the approval of my permanent residency, I applied to Griffith for the Master of Social Work program. Continue Reading

  • Girl listening to music to soothe stress
    Uni Life

    Music to soothe your exam stress away

    Exam time has a way of sending us all into a tailspin; a never ending cycle of worry and dread. Arguably, this can affect the way we concentrate and function, causing…

  • Coffee - saviour of university students everywhere!
    Uni Life

    You know it’s assessment time when…

    You find yourself completely invested in TV shows you’ve never enjoyed before or even felt an inclination to watch. X Factor and Masterchef anyone… Your desk is covered with a variety…

  • Griffith University, Gold Coast campus car park at night
    Uni Life

    The all-nighter: part 2

    “23:59     Back at uni. Night time is so peaceful where the stress of the day of parking and walking for hours cease to exist” – The All-Nighter – Part 1 Friday…