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Studying Online at Griffith University

Studying online is one of the challenges for university students at the moment. Studying online can be fun because we have more leisure time that we can use for other productive activities, such as reading books, exercise, playing games, or doing household chores, whilst on the other hand, time management, course assessments, and technology capabilities may be a struggle for some students. Studying online at Griffith will bring us different experiences. Griffith University is one of the best universities in Australia and provides full services and support for studying online.

During my time spent studying at Griffith, studying face-to-face and studying online have not been much different for me. Griffith facilitates us with advanced online technology such as Learning@Griffith (Blackboard). Inside Learning@Griffith, students can access the lecture schedule for the whole trimester, lecture notes, and lecture recording.

Griffith online library also opens 24/7 and the library services are available during the weekdays. IT Services are available from Monday until Saturday. If students do not have any computers, students can borrow a computer free of charge, and the computer will be sent to your house.

Counselling and Wellbeing provides a lot of services for students’ mental health. They do the telehealth consultation and it is available every weekday.

Not all of the facilities on campus are closed at the moment. Computer labs are open 24 hours and Health Services are still open. Health services also offer telehealth consultations for students, as well as offering face-to-face appointments.

Moreover, students can do a lot of activities outside the classes online. Griffith Mates is one of the organisations led by Griffith International which hold a lot of fun activities such as Virtual Orientation, Virtual Coffee Catch Ups, and Netflix Watch Parties.

Overall, studying online at Griffith is a wonderful and joyful experience, and I am glad that I can study at Griffith University.


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