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    5 ways to get that ‘on campus’ feeling as an online/distance student

    University is not just a place for the serious study of chosen subject matter. It is a place to engage with fellow students, to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, for young and old to come together in a petri dish of learning and personal growth. There are endless opportunities to socialise, study in groups and join organisations or teams that are in areas of interest. These ‘outside of class’ activities are arguably the best part of undertaking a university education and being a part of the university experience. However, life happens, not everyone can make it to a class environment, there could be a global pandemic, and no one is on campus. Alternatively, you could be like me, in the mature-aged student category, coming back to study 13 years after finishing High School, and on the other side of the world. Continue Reading

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    New Trimester, New Me

    I’ve survived another trimester of Uni. Yay! Uni is definitely hard work and comes with many ups and downs along the way. You may fail a course or struggle socially. Uni…

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    Experience Griffith in Virtual Reality!

    Over the years, Griffith University has become my second home. I spent 3 years studying at the Nathan campus, which included many late nights in the library and hot chocolates at…